We chose the WinkBeds Softer Mattress as the best soft mattress available on the market because it successfully blends pressure-relieving foam with supportive coils. It also uses effective cooling technology and has decent motion absorption, making it suitable for couples.

The best runner-up choice is the Zenhaven Mattress, which comes with two different firmness levels, uses breathable latex, and has hypoallergenic materials in its construction.

Buying a soft mattress that also gives you the support necessary can be a challenge. Proper spinal alignment is crucial for good sleep, which requires a stable foundation in addition to the plush surface you prefer.

In this article, we’ve chosen five of the best soft mattresses available on the market, right now. We’ll cover a variety of materials and sleeping positions in the reviews below, so you can make an informed purchase for your next bed.

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  1. Best Innerspring Option: The Saatva Plush Soft Mattress
  2. Best Memory Foam Option: The TEMPUR-Cloud® Supreme Breeze Mattress
  3. Best Latex Option: The Zenhaven Mattress
  4. Best For Couples: The Nolah Original 10 Mattress
  5. Best For Hot Sleepers: The WinkBeds Softer Mattress

#1 Best Innerspring Option- The Saatva Plush Soft Mattress

saatva mattress

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Why We Like It:

  • Supportive, firm core
  • Two mattress height options
  • Eco-friendly materials
  • Strong, durable stitching
  • 15-year warranty

The Saatva Plush Soft Mattress is good for people who like to sink into a supportive, deep hug when they lie down in bed. We chose it as our best innerspring option because although it does have a plush surface, there are also coils used in the construction, giving it a stable core.

You Might Want To Pick The Saatva Plush Soft Mattress If:

  • You like a classic innerspring mattress feel: If you love a luxuriously soft bed but also don’t want to say goodbye to a classic coil mattress design, this is a good middle ground. The soft, conforming foams in the Saatva Plush Soft mattress work with a layer of coils for supportive comfort.
  • Environmental-friendliness is a concern for you: This brand has made a specific effort to make their products environmentally conscious. For this reason, they use proprietary treatment processes and natural cotton in their mattress construction and try to avoid harmful chemicals.
  • You sleep on your side: The soft comfort of the Saatva Plush Soft bed is perfect for side sleepers, as this sleeping position concentrates all of your body weight onto your hips and shoulders, and a plush surface cushions those pressure points. The firm core provided by the layer of coils also helps to keep your spine properly aligned.
  • You need cradling pressure relief: The Saatva Luxury Plush mattress is ideal for people who could use deep, cradling pressure relief from their bed. Whether you work long days or simply like the feeling of sinking into your mattress, this could be right up your alley.

The Saatva Plush Soft mattress comes in two heights: 11.5 inches and 14.5 inches. They feel the same, so what you choose is a matter of aesthetic preference. Below, we’ll be describing the construction of the 14.5-inch option.

The Saatva Plush Soft bed has a 1.25-inch foam layer stitched into a Euro-style pillow top for pressure relief. Under this is an extra supportive lumbar area made with memory foam, followed by a coil layer that conforms to your unique body shape.

Next is another layer of coils that give the mattress stability and prevent sagging, creating a springy feeling in the bed, overall.

The Saatva Plush Soft mattress is CertiPUR-US® certified, meaning it’s free from harmful levels of hazardous chemicals and heavy metals. It comes with a 15-year warranty and a 120-day sleep trial period.

The coil-on-coil design of this bed promotes airflow, so if you love a soft bed but also don’t want to feel too hot when you sleep, the Saatva Plush Soft Mattress could be just the right fit for you.

#2 Best Memory Foam Option- The TEMPUR-Cloud® Supreme Breeze Mattress

TEMPUR-Cloud® Supreme Breeze Mattress

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Why We Like It:

  • Proven track record with users
  • Removable, washable cover
  • Good at absorbing motion
  • Effective cooling technology
  • Works for all sleep positions

Memory foam is one of the most popular soft mattress materials and the TEMPUR-Cloud® Supreme Breeze makes good use of it. What sets this bed apart is that in addition to creating the cradling sinkage that’s become synonymous with memory foam, it also helps keep users at a cool temperature.

You Might Want To Pick The TEMPUR-Cloud® Supreme Breeze If:

  • You tend to move around in your sleep: This bed works for every sleeping position, so if you tend to move around a lot in the night, it should provide you with the comfort you need. However, people who sleep only on their back or front side might find that their hips sink into it a bit too much.
  • You have good credit: Tempur-Pedic provides a 90-night sleep trial for their customers, but only upon an approved credit check. If your credit is good, this could be a suitable choice for you.
  • You want cooling technology in your bed: If you’re a hot sleeper, it’s extra important that you consider the heat retention potential of a mattress before you buy it. The TEMPUR-Cloud® Supreme Breeze has a cooling cover and a base specifically designed to disperse heat, so you can assume overheating at night won’t be a problem.
  • You’re a side sleeper: We mentioned that this mattress is good for people who move around in their sleep, but it’s also suitable for people who sleep strictly on their side. The pillow-like softness of the Supreme Breeze bed will give the side of your body a deep hug, reducing pressure and discomfort.

The TEMPUR-Cloud® Supreme Breeze mattress has a lightweight, breathable cover, designed to keep your body cool. Underneath this is a layer of foam that gently cradles your body and reduces heat retention, for a comfortable sleep temperature.

The next layer is a supportive foam that evenly distributes the weight of your body across the bed, then a heat-dispersing base for stability. You definitely won’t have to worry about disturbing your partner with this bed, as Tempur-Pedic mattresses are known for great motion isolation.

The TEMPUR-Cloud® Supreme Breeze mattress adheres to the Federal Flammability Standard and comes with a 10-year warranty.

As mentioned earlier, you can get a 90-night sleep trial period if you pass a credit check first. Tempur-Pedic has a good track record according to user reviews, although they are costlier than other brands, which is worth keeping in mind.

Overall, the Supreme Breeze is a solid option for people who love memory foam but don’t love waking up sweaty and can afford the investment.

#3 Best Latex Option- The Zenhaven Mattress

Zenhaven Mattress Review

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Why We Like It:

  • Unusually long warranty
  • Latex reduces heat retention
  • Uses hypoallergenic materials
  • Easy to switch sleep positions
  • Double-sided with two firmness levels

The Zenhaven Mattress uses natural wool and organic cotton in its construction, which is a plus for people who want a sustainable product. We chose it as the best latex option because it also uses Talalay latex, which is dust mite and microbe-resistant.

You Might Want To Pick The Zenhaven Mattress If:

  • You want a flippable mattress: The Zenhaven Mattress could be considered a safer investment compared to other beds since it’s double-sided. If you don’t like the Luxury Plush side, just flip it over to the Gentle Firm side instead.
  • You want to be able to change positions easily: Since the Zenhaven Mattress uses latex in its construction, it’s quite a bit bouncier than most memory foam beds. This responsive material makes it easy to switch positions in the night without getting stuck in the mattress.
  • You sleep hot: If getting plenty of airflow as you sleep is an important priority to you, you’ll appreciate the fact that latex doesn’t retain heat as much as other mattress materials. Instead of sinking into your bed, you’ll sleep on top of it, which will also help to keep you cool.
  • A long warranty is important to you: The Zenhaven Mattress comes with a 20-year warranty, which is unusually long. If you feel more secure in your purchases when they come with a longer warranty, this should be a good feature for you.

The Zenhaven Mattress uses an organic cotton cover, followed by a 1-inch layer of organic wool that promotes airflow. Under this, there’s a 1.5-inch Talalay latex layer for spinal alignment and cool comfort, followed by another 3-inch layer of softer latex.

Next, there’s a firm layer of Talalay latex and the final latex layer that creates the top of the Gentle Firm side of this mattress. Again, latex is a bouncy material that responds quickly to your body’s movements, allowing you to sleep on top of the bed instead of sinking in.

Although memory foam is definitely the best at isolating motion disturbances, the Zenhaven Mattress does well for a latex bed. Even if you have a restless partner or pet, their movements shouldn’t disturb you in your sleep.

Zenhaven has ensured a reduced carbon footprint by not ordering latex from overseas, which makes their manufacturing process eco-friendly. Their mattress comes with a 120-night sleep trial period and the previously mentioned 20-year warranty.

All in all, people who want a soft mattress but also like a bouncy feel to their bed will likely do well with the Luxury Plush side of the Zenhaven Mattress. Like other soft mattresses, this side is especially supportive for side sleepers.

#4 Best for Couples- The Nolah Original 10 Mattress

Nolah Original 10 Mattress

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Why We Like It:

  • Doesn’t trap heat
  • Uses resilient foam
  • Strong, supportive base
  • Excellent pressure relief
  • Free from harmful chemicals

The Nolah Original 10 mattress is a plush, all-foam bed made with eco-friendly materials and cooling technology. We chose it as our best option for couples because all-foam designs are amazing at isolating motion. This means you won’t wake each other up if one of you is tossing and turning or getting out of bed.

You Might Want To Pick The Nolah Original 10 Mattress If:

  • You like supporting charitable causes: For each Nolah Mattress that’s purchased, a wildlife animal is adopted. And, if you decide to return your bed, it will be donated to a local charity. If you enjoy contributing to charitable causes, these factors could make the bed a good choice for you.
  • You have an average (or below average) weight: People with extra weight sink further into their mattress, so if you’re carrying a few extra pounds, this all-foam model may not be ideal for body alignment. However, if you weigh less than 200 pounds, it should give you ideal support. Keep in mind that this is a loose guideline, though, and that only you can know what’s best for you.
  • You sleep on your side: The Nolah Original 10 mattress is especially suitable for side sleepers, as it provides pressure relief for the hips and shoulders. It has a layer of AirFoam™, which will gently cradle your body, allowing you to sink into it.
  • You’re tired of waking up sweaty: Waking up hot is no fun, so you’ll be glad to know that the Nolah Original 10 bed uses temperature-neutral foam to prevent this. The AirFoam™ used in the mattress construction dissipates heat, keeping you comfortable and cool.

The cover on this bed is made from natural viscose, a luxurious and soft material that keeps you dry and cool at night. The top layer of the Nolah Original 10 mattress is a 2-inch layer of cooling AirFoam™ which contours to your body without trapping heat. This layer is partially what gives the bed its plush, soft feel.

Next is a 1-inch layer of high-resilience foam that provides a responsive bounce for easy repositioning. The mattress base is a high-density, 7-inch layer of durable, long-lasting foam.

The Nolah mattress, though soft, is very responsive, and doesn’t create too much sinkage (for people under 200 pounds). The bouncy foam transition layer makes it easy to reposition yourself in the night without getting stuck in the bed.

Nolah uses environmentally-friendly packaging for their mattress, using only 20 percent of the space it requires to ship other mattresses. Their Original 10 bed comes with a 15-year warranty and 120-night sleep trial period.

Since this mattress is an all-foam design, it excels with absorbing motion disturbances, which is why it’s great for couples or people with pets. The Nolah Original 10 mattress has a fair price, quality construction, and doesn’t trap heat.

Overall, it’s a good choice for people of low or average weight who want a soft mattress that won’t make them overheat.

#5 Best for Hot Sleepers- The WinkBeds Softer Mattress

Winkbeds Mattress

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Why We Like It:

  • Heat-wicking materials
  • Soft, comfortable pillow top
  • Targeted back support
  • Handmade to order
  • Eco-friendly materials

The WinkBeds Softer Mattress uses all-American materials that are designed to stand the test of time. We chose it as the best option for hot sleepers because its three-layered system is designed to promote airflow and keep you cool, as you sleep.

You Might Want To Pick The WinkBeds Softer Mattress If:

  • You want both coils and foam in your bed: In addition to using soft, cradling foam in its construction, the WinkBeds Softer Mattress has an advanced coil system. This provides support and flexibility for an aligned spine while you sleep.
  • You need targeted back support: The innerspring layer of the WinkBeds Softer Mattress is split into five zones to give targeted support to your spine. This includes a special lumbar region for lower back relief.
  • You require extra sturdy edges: You might prefer having a lot of space to stretch out and move around while you sleep, or maybe you have a partner who does. Either way, the sturdy edges on the WinkBeds Mattress will give your bed more surface area to sleep on and help the mattress maintain its shape over time.
  • You want to make a long-term investment: Each WinkBeds mattress is tested in a lab to simulate 20 years of use and has been found to have a sag rate of less than 2 percent. If you want to make a long-term investment in your next bed, this should give you peace of mind.

The “Softer” option from WinkBeds has a more flexible base and more cushion in the top than other mattresses from WinkBeds. It’s best for side sleepers or, of course, people who already know they love a soft mattress.

The cover of this bed is made from a botanical-based fiber known as TENCEL™, which has moisture-wicking and cooling properties. The top layer of the WinkBeds Softer Mattress is an extra-plush pillow top for pressure relief, followed by a layer of micro air-springs for breathability.

Under this is a 2-inch layer of contouring foam with a supportive lumbar region. Last is another layer of coils that makes up the supportive base of the WinkBeds Mattress.

For an innerspring mattress, the WinkBeds Softer bed performs well with motion isolation, due to its individually wrapped coils and foam. This bed comes with a 120-night sleep trial period and an impressive lifetime warranty.

Overall, the WinkBeds Softer Mattress is a good choice for someone who wants a deep hug from their bed but also craves the spinal alignment offered by a coil system.

What to Consider When Shopping for a Soft Mattress:

As suggested a few times in this article, soft mattresses are highly beneficial for side sleepers, as a plush surface reduces pressure in the hips and shoulders. Of course, this doesn’t mean that a soft mattress won’t work for other sleep preferences, as it’s all a matter of personal comfort and taste.

Here are some other factors to think about when shopping for a soft mattress:

Heat Retention: A soft bed allows you to sink in deeper, which means less airflow. This can create a hot sleeping environment, so if you tend to heat up easily, you’ll probably want to choose a soft mattress with special cooling technology.

Weight: Soft mattresses may be preferred most by people with lighter body weight, as it allows them to experience a cradling hug, which may be hard to find with a firmer mattress. Heavier people, on the other hand, may have a hard time getting enough support from a mattress that’s too soft, so if you have some extra pounds and want a soft mattress, make sure it has a firm and stable base.

Edge Support: Edge support is usually only a concern for certain people, like couples who want to use the edges of their bed for sex or people who struggle to get out of bed due to chronic pain. So if edge support is important to you, make sure your soft mattress comes with it as this can be harder to come by with softer mattresses.

Once you’ve considered the factors listed above, you’re ready to buy your new soft mattress and go to sleep on a cloud-like surface every night.

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