We have invested countless hours of research, read hundreds of customer reviews in forums and online shops and spoke to multiple owners of RVs to find the best options for you.

After all this research our favourite mattress is the short version of the LUCID 10'' Gel Short Memory Foam mattress because of it's reasonable price, good quality foam, it's cooling gel that will keep you cool during hot nights and the fact that you can simply order it on Amazon and get it delivered to your door.

The Best RV Mattresses at a Quick Glance

Years ago, mention the word “RV’ing” and what came to mind might be sleepless nights on hard and lumpy beds. At that time, no one actually thought that sleeping in an RV was comfortable – it was just something you endured for the sake of camping.

Mattresses for RVs have come a long way since then, and now, are built to replicate your mattress in your house.

No longer just a chunk of foam, they can come with innerspring or multi layered foam construction, and many have luxury features that high-end home mattresses have, at a fraction of the cost.

But it’s not always easy to buy an RV mattress. Apart from sizing issues, you can’t usually just go into a regular mattress store to buy one and RV dealers don’t always have a good variety.

Many RVs just come with a factory issue, cheap mattress and aren’t really built to last.

There are a few things to consider when buying an RV mattress, and we’re here to break down the mystique so that you can make the right purchase.

Best Short Queen Memory Foam RV Mattress: LUCID 10 Inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress Short RV Queen

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You Might Want to Pick the LUCID 10 Inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress If:

  • You want a memory foam feel that isn’t too soft: The Lucid mattress has 2.5 inches of memory foam as the top layer, so you have that nice cushioning on your joints and pressure points that memory foam is so good for, but with a stable and thick base layer of high density foam.
  • You want some cooling technologies: The gel infused memory foam makes for a cooling sleep and the TENCEL blend cover is designed to be breathable, too.
  • You want a short queen sized bed: If you’ve measured your RV and determined that you need a short queen, this could be the bed for you.

Our top overall RV mattress goes to the Lucid 10-inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress, hands down. Lucid makes all different sizes of mattress for indoor beds and they’ve taken the same luxury features of these beds and incorporated them into a shorter queen sized bed, for RVs. CertiPUR-US

This mattress is built with a 7.5-inch-high density support foam as its base layer, with 2.5 inches of gel infused memory foam as its top layer.

This is all wrapped in a TENCEL blend fabric cover which is intended to be breathable and cooling.

The gel infused, open cell memory foam in the top layer is also meant to promote air circulation and be cooling for hot sleepers. The foams are CertiPUR-US certified and don’t contain any phthalates, formaldehyde, or any other harmful chemicals. For those allergic to latex, this mattress is latex free.

The thick base layer of foam makes for little to no motion transfer and is comfortable for most body types, although some heavier people find it a bit too soft to be supportive and one customer who is 260 pounds, mentions that it sags a bit too much for him.

Others of average body weight find it super comfortable and supportive, with some even mentioning it is more comfortable than their indoor bed.

Users mention the great value for the price and the craftsmanship and feel are much higher than the price suggests. This mattress measures 60 by 75 inches, making it 5 inches shorter than a standard queen sized bed.

With a 25-year warranty, this mattress is a great buy and while there seems to be a bit of a waiting period to receive this mattress, customer reviews are suggesting that it is well worth the wait and the bed is supportive, yet comfortable.

Runner Up: Zinus Sleep Master Ultima Comfort Memory Foam 10 Inch Mattress

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You Might Want to Pick the Zinus Sleep Master Ultima Comfort Memory Foam 10 Inch Mattress If:

  • You want a thicker memory foam feel: This mattress has 3 inches of memory foam on top of a second cushioning comfort layer making for a total of 5 inches of cushioning. If you want a thicker, plush memory foam feel, this could be the bed for you.
  • You need a shorter queen sized bed: At 74 inches long, this bed can fit RVs that have a shorter frame, while still being the standard queen sized width of 60 inches.
  • You are of average weight or a single sleeper: Because this bed is a bit softer, it is best suited for those of average weight. If you are heavier or sleeping with two people, you might find that it sags a bit.

A runner up in our best RV mattress overall category, Zinus comes in at a close second to the Lucid mattress. With many of the comfort features that the Lucid bed offers, and almost the same price, it is another great option for those looking for a short queen bed.

However, although this mattress also comes in at 10 inches high, it will have a bit more of a plush feel to it, due to the differences in its three layers of construction.

The base layer of this bed is made of 5 inches of high density foam and the Zinus mattress also has a middle layer, comprised of 2 inches of pressure relieving comfort foam.

On top of this, is 3 inches of memory foam, thicker than the Lucid’s. These two upper layers, make up five inches of soft cushioning foam which conforms to the body.

Customers of average body weight find this to be a super comfortable mattress, especially for those with back problems who find other beds too firm on pressure points.

A couple of customers have mentioned that if you have a sleep partner who is much heavier or lighter than you, this bed might be bit too soft, as the heavier person sinks in more, causing a slope.

With thousands of positive reviews across the web, though, most customers are finding this bed perfect for their RVs and 5th wheels, with many mentioning it’s the best bed they’ve slept in, indoors or out.

Another customer, who lives in their RV full time and has arthritis mentions that this mattress is very comfortable.

A great 10-year warranty and all the positive reviews, make this bed a solid purchase for those wanting a plush memory foam feel at an amazingly low price. This bed measures 60 by 74 inches, making it a full 6 inches shorter than a standard queen sized bed.

Best For Hot Sleepers: DynastyMattress New Cool Breeze 12-Inch GEL Memory Foam Mattress

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You Might Want to Pick the Dynasty Mattress New Cool Breeze 12-Inch GEL Memory Foam Mattress If:

  • You sleep hot: While other beds on the market claim to have cooling features and many do sleep cool, we found that the DynastyMattress does the best job with its two cooling layers and has the most positive customer reviews related to coolness.
  • You like memory foam but like a bed that is a bit firm: This bed has a cushioning 3-inch layer of memory foam, but isn’t too soft and is rated as medium firm. This might be a good option for heavier customers who need a bit of supportive firmness but who want the cushioning of memory foam.
  • You are looking for a higher profile bed with luxury features: This bed feels like an expensive, high end memory foam mattress at a fraction of the cost of an indoor bed. With its 12 inches of height, it is 2 inches or higher than most RV mattresses on the market, giving it a luxury feel.

Hot sleepers, look no further, since the Dynasty Mattress New Cool Breeze offers a luxury style 12-inch-high mattress with 7 inches of technologically advanced foam, designed for hot sleepers. The DynastyMattress is made up of four layers, with 5 inches of high density foam at its base.

In terms of its cooling features, the top two layers consist of 3 inches of gel memory foam, with 4 inches of Cool Airflow support foam as the second layer.

The gel memory foam is infused with gel beads which are supposed to make the mattress cool and comfortable for hot sleepers.

We found, through pouring through the reviews of the many satisfied customers, that it does indeed deliver when it comes to being a cool mattress.

One customer has mentioned that her husband no longer sleeps hot in this bed and tonnes of other customers comment on the cool feel of the bed and how they can fall asleep much faster in this bed, particularly for those who are sleeping in hotter climates or those who just generally sleep hot.

Customers are also raving about how supportive this bed is, even for heavier users. Many have mentioned there is no indentations or sags in this bed, even after years of use. Rated medium firm, this bed is a great option for those who like a bit of memory foam but don’t like a soft bed.

While the DynastyMattress is priced a little bit higher than some of the other RV mattresses we list here, keep in mind you are getting 12 inches of height, luxury materials, with the gel infusion and best of all, a 30-year limited warranty. At 60 by 75 inches, it is rated a short queen and 5 inches shorter than a standard bed.

Best Organic & Natural: Brentwood Home Bamboo Gel 9 Memory Foam Mattress

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You Might Want to Pick the Brentwood Home Bamboo Gel 9 Memory Foam Mattress If:

  • You want a bed with natural materials: With a bamboo cover, hydrated silica and New Zealand wool, this bed uses a lot of natural materials compared to some of the beds on the market.
  • You like a firm mattress: Of all the beds that Brentwood Home sells, this bed is rated a 2 on their 10-point scale with 1 being the firmest. But that doesn’t mean it’s hard. The memory foam top means this bed is firm and supportive for those who like that kind of bed, but still cushioning enough for most.
  • You are a heavier customer: Again, because this is a firm bed, customers who are heavier might find that it’s a good pick for them as there is no sagging and the bed has a great level of edge support.

Continuing along towards firmer beds, the Brentwood Home Bamboo Gel 9-inch Memory Foam mattress is a good choice for those who are looking for a firm bed, with memory foam features.

Brentwood Home makes a several different models of short RV mattresses, from twin to king and their Bamboo Gel 9 is their firmest model in their series.

Designed to provide good support for the spine, especially for stomach and back sleepers, or heavier customers, this bed is a great option for those who find softer beds not supportive enough.

This is also the best choice on our list for customers who are looking for natural materials, starting with the cover, which is made with 4-way bamboo stretch knit and is fully replaceable and washable.

The second layer is a layer of natural New Zealand wool, which is not only comfortable and promotes breathability, but is naturally fire retardant.

The third layer of a 2-inch layer of gel infused memory foam, which further promotes breathability and coolness and below this is a 7-inch layer of high density support base foam, both of which are Certi-PUR indoor air quality certified and contains no harmful chemicals.

Apart from the flame retardant qualities of the New Zealand wool, they also use a secondary natural flame retardant material made out of hydrated silica sand, making the Brentwood Home bed, a very high quality bed for the price, and one of the most natural RV beds you can purchase.

User reviews suggest that the Brentwood Home mattress works great in an RV and many full time RV’ers mention this is the best bed they have ever slept on, and is firm, but not hard.

Another reviewer mentioned that this mattress has so little motion transfer that when someone else is walking in the RV during the, you can barely feel the movement, where they normally felt rocking and shaking.

This mattress has a 120-day sleep trial period, so you can be sure it isn’t too firm for you, and a fantastic 25-year warranty.

You can’t beat the great value of this bed for its high-quality materials and great reviews. It is a short queen at 60 by 75 inches, but as we mentioned, they make a range of sizes.

Best Innerspring Mattress: Parklane Mattresses 60 Inch X 74 Inch The Explorer Short Queen RV Mattress

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You Might Want to Pick the Parklane Mattresses 60″ x 74″ The Explorer” Short Queen RV Mattress If:

  • You are looking for an innerspring RV mattress: Many people just prefer innerspring mattresses, and we can respect that. This is one of the highest rated innerspring RV mattresses on the market, and a great choice for those looking to avoid an all foam bed.
  • You want a firmer bed with no memory foam: Heavier customers or those who like the supportive, firmer feel of a spring bed with no memory foam will probably like this bed. If you sleep hot with any amount of memory foam, this might be a good choice for you as it has more of a “floating on top” feel to it.
  • You want a 74-inch-long bed: Most of the beds we review here are 75 inches in length. If this is too long for your RV bed frame, this might be a good option for you.

Finally, for something a bit different, we have a highly-rated mattress for those who like an innerspring mattress and want to avoid memory foam, altogether. The Parklane RV mattress claims to be the best Euro-top innerspring mattress on the market and customer reviews do seem to suggest that it is worth the price.

At 8 inches in height, it is the lowest profile mattress on our list and is good for those who want that supportive, innerspring feel, with no sink and is especially good for heavier customers who find that they don’t like the feel of a foam bed.

Despite the fact that it is an innerspring mattress, it still has several layers around the Bonnell innerspring layer in the centre, including a layer of quilting foam at the top.

Second is a layer of high density foam, followed by a layer of cotton felt. Under the middle layer of innerspring coils is a foam base and the mattress also has a layer of non-skid fabric on the bottom.

The foam of the bed is CertiPUR-US certified and doesn’t contain any chemical fire retardants. Instead they use naturally retardant rayon.

And even though it is an innerspring bed, it still comes compressed and rolled like the other memory foam beds, so you can be sure you’ll get it in your RVs back bedroom, no problem.

Customers who like innerspring mattresses are reporting that they love this bed, with larger customers mentioning it is supportive and comfortable. The wife of a heavy-set customer mentioned that they sleep like babies and even though her husband is 6 foot 3, the shorter length doesn’t seem to matter.

This bed only has a 1 year warranty but according to reviews, it should give you plenty of years of comfort, without breaking down or sagging.

How To Pick The Right RV Mattress

rv standing in the desert

As we mentioned above, the main thing to note when buying a mattress for your RV is the size. RV mattresses come in a variety of sizes, but the biggest difference is that they are usually shorter than a regular mattress.

It’s important to make sure you are well aware of the size of your mattress frame before choosing your new mattress. In our top-rated selections below, we include the dimensions of the mattress so you can make sure you are getting one that’s going to fit.

Apart from sizing issues, you’re going to want to make sure that you get a mattress that is right for your needs. Are you sleeping with another person? In this case is motion transfer an issue for you or are you light sleeper? Do you prefer the feel of an innerspring mattress or are you looking for memory foam?

These questions will all need to be answered before you choose your RV mattress, as well as thinking about your body type and size. Heavier people tend to need firmer mattresses to support their spine whereas smaller people can find firm mattresses too hard. Read on to find out which top rated RV mattresses we recommend for your next purchase.

No matter if you like a firm or soft bed in your RV, there should be a bed on our list for you. Some of these beds are backed with the reviews of thousands of satisfied customers and there is something to be said for seeing what other people have to say, before committing to your own purchase.

Measure your RV bed frame, think about what kind of bed you prefer, and choose one of these great beds before you hit the road.

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