Insomnia – Causes, Symptoms, Diagnosis, Treatment


Does it take you a long time to fall asleep once you’ve tucked yourself in for the night?Do you frequently wake up during the course of the night and experience difficulty falling back asleep? Or do you find yourself waking up early for no apparent reason, feeling drowsy and unrested? If you’ve answered yes to any of … Continue Reading

ADHD & Sleep: 12 Tips To Help You Settle Down, Fall Asleep And Stay Asleep

adhd and sleep

Do you or your child have ADHD and are having difficulty getting enough sleep? Sleep problems and ADHD go hand-in-hand for many people. Whether it’s difficulty falling asleep, staying asleep or getting up in the morning, these issues can significantly impact your daily life. What’s more, your lack of sleep might in turn be exacerbating your … Continue Reading

Rem Sleep Behavior Disorder: Are you (literally) fighting dragons in your sleep?

rem sleep behaviour disorder

Have you been told that you behave strangely when you sleep? Do you kick, punch, yell out or even jump out of bed? Are you acting out your dreams? For the majority of people dreaming is a completely internal experience, but in those with a sleep disorder called REM sleep behavior disorder dreaming becomes physical experience.What Is … Continue Reading

Addiction Recovery & Sleep: Science Backed Tips On How To Improve Sleep While Recovering From An Addiction

addiction and sleep

Is your addiction preventing you from getting the sleep you need?Have you entered recovery only to struggle with insomnia and other sleep problems? When it comes to addiction and sleep, the road goes both ways: Dependence and substance abuse have a negative impact on the quality of sleep, while sleep problems can drive you to seek … Continue Reading

Shift Work Disorder: Symptoms, Causes, Risk Factors, Diagnosis and Treatments

shift work disorder

Is your work schedule interfering with your sleep? Working night shifts or on a rotation can quickly take a toll on both the quantity and quality of your sleep. If you’re struggling with extreme tiredness during your work shift, or can’t seem to fall asleep when you need to you may have shift work disorder. According to … Continue Reading

Exploding Head Syndrome – Causes, Symptoms, Treatment & Possible Health Risks

exploding head syndrome

Have you ever been woken up suddenly by an extremely loud noise, but upon investigation you’re unable to find any cause or evidence that the sound actually happened? It can be extremely distressing to find that this startling experience was all in your head. Rest assured you’re not alone, and this bizarre phenomenon has a name: … Continue Reading

Sleep Paralysis: Causes, Symptoms, Health Risks and Treatments

sleep paralysis

Have you ever found yourself awake yet unable to move? You’re able to look around your room, the surroundings are familiar and detailed. Have you ever gotten the sense that you’re not alone? Felt a weight on your chest or as if you’re floating off your bed? These eerie — and at times terrifying — experiences … Continue Reading

How to Stop Snoring: 20 Remedies To Stop Snoring Immediately

how to stop snoring

Snoring is not uncommon — in fact, 45% of healthy adults snore at least occasionally. For other people, snoring is a more pervasive problem and that’s when you can really start to feel it take a toll on your daily life. The consequences of snoring can go far beyond simply annoying your bed partner. Even if … Continue Reading

Snoring 101: Causes, Diagnosis, Treatments, Solutions & Remedies

snoring causes and treatments

Is snoring waking you up at night? Whether you’re the snorer or the reluctant audience of someone else’s nightly noise-making, these interruptions are likely taking a toll on the quality of your sleep. This guide is designed to help you gain an understanding of why people snore, and what you can do to prevent it.What Is Snoring? … Continue Reading

Restless Leg Syndrome: Symptoms, Causes, Diagnosis, Treatments

restless leg syndrome

Sitting in one position for long periods of time can make any of us restless, prompting us to fidget and perhaps shake out some pins and needles. But for some people this is an ongoing struggle every time they try to relax or fall asleep. If you find yourself overcome by unpleasant sensations in your legs … Continue Reading