It’s hard to find a pillow that actually suits every sleeper, but the Sleepgram pillow might fit the bill. This down alternative pillow has an adjustable design that allows you to customize it to your personal taste.

Sleepgram has been around since 2016 and was started by a couple during a time when the wife was having difficulty getting comfortable at night. Prompted by this issue, they set out to find a solution by creating a customizable, comfortable pillow.

4 Reasons To Pick The Sleepgram Pillow

  • A potential solution to allergies: If you’re an allergy sufferer who is easily irritated by feathers or chemical smells, you should appreciate the Sleepgram pillow. This product uses a down alternative material, which mimics the feel of real down without causing irritation in sleepers. Synthetic down also doesn’t come with an off-gassing odor like many memory foam pillows do.
  • Adjustable loft for custom firmness: The Sleepgram pillow has a 3-in-1 design that lets you use the included layers to create a personalized level of comfort. Whether you’re a side, stomach, back, or combination sleeper, you should be able to find the right height and firmness for your sleep style.
  • Cool and breathable: Down alternative is a breathable material that encourages airflow. The filling and cotton cover on the Sleepgram pillow work together to create a cool sleep temperature and help you rest comfortably through the night.
  • Cruelty-free: While real down pillows use animal feathers to create their soft filling, down alternative options, like the Sleepgram pillow, are cruelty-free. If you’re vegan or just prefer to use items that don’t have animal products in them, you should appreciate this design.


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A lot of people appreciate the feel of a feather or down pillow, as they are supportive, soft, and machine washable. Down alternative feels similar to down but isn’t as expensive and works well for people with feather allergies who can’t use real down pillows.

The Sleepgram adjustable pillow uses a plush, microfiber polyester material to create a supportive pillow that molds to your neck and head to create comfort. The outer casing has filling in it and can be used alone, as the cushioning creates a low-profile pillow without the extra layers. There are two additional, removable layers included in the pillow and you can use one or both along with the cushioned outer casing.

The pillow is easy to form and shape, but won’t flatten out as you use it. The cover on this pillow is 100 percent cotton and creates a comfortable surface to rest your head at night, without making you overheat.

Firmness & Support

The Sleepgram pillow is about 9-inches high when you use all the layers and the case is designed to hold them in place, so they don’t shift as you move around in your sleep. When you use all three layers, the pillow is quite firm and high, but you can remove one or two layers to create a softer, thinner pillow. It’s easy to adjust the Sleepgram pillow with its two-sided zipper, which has double-stitched seams for durability.

Temperature Regulation

Sleeping hot is a common problem that causes countless people to wake up in the night, sweaty and uncomfortable. If you’re one of these people, it’s important to find a pillow that won’t make this issue worse. The fine threads in the down alternative material used in the Sleepgram pillow encourage air to flow through it, dispersing heat while you sleep. Since it has multiple layers, the Sleepgram pillow won’t retain heat like other types of pillows and the cotton cover also encourages a cool sleep experience.


The responsiveness of the Sleepgram pillow will depend on how you utilize the layers included. When using all three layers, the pillow will be high and responsive. Side sleepers should use the pillow with all three included layers, so it will fill the space between their shoulder and head, offering proper support.

Stomach sleepers should use the case with the blue layer, as this will create a soft pillow that doesn’t cause their neck to bend at an unnatural angle.

For a medium-height pillow, which works well to support the head in the back sleeping position, users should use the layer with red stitching. The multiple layers included are convenient for people who want to use a soft or medium pillow and also use the extra layer under their lower back or between their legs.

Eco-Friendliness & Smell

Down alternative pillows are durable and won’t wear out as fast as other pillow types. In this way, they’re eco-friendly because you don’t have to buy or throw away as many over time. Synthetic down also comes with the benefit of not having a strong smell like some memory foam pillows have. People who are sensitive to chemical odors should appreciate the neutral, odorless design of the Sleepgram pillow. That being said, this is a synthetic material and isn’t as environmentally friendly as a pillow made with a natural material, like bamboo, buckwheat, or cotton.


Down alternative pillows are less expensive than real down pillows. The Sleepgram pillow costs $49.95 for a Queen size and the King size costs $64.95. When you consider that you’re really getting multiple options in one pillow, this is a good value.

Sleep Trial Period & Warranty

Choosing the right pillow is an important process and it’s important to have a warranty to protect you against manufacturing defects. The Sleepgram pillow comes with a Lifetime Warranty that will last as long as the life of the pillow. It also comes with a 100-night sleep trial, which should be long enough for you to play around with different heights and firmness levels and figure out whether the pillow is right for you.

If you want to return the pillow, you can do so within that 100-day period and get a refund, as long as the pillow is still in great condition. However, you’ll be responsible for the shipping costs unless the pillow arrived damaged and you’re returning it for that reason. Sleepgram donates returned pillows to shelters and halfway houses in the country.

Frequently Asked Questions

In order to make a good purchase, you should have all the facts. Here are some common frequently asked questions about the Sleepgram pillow:

Q: What type of sleepers could benefit from a down alternative product?
A: In general, down alternative pillows work well for people who sleep on their back, stomach, or side as a moldable material suits each position comfortably. A product like the Sleepgram pillow is especially suitable because you can adjust it to find the right height and firmness for you. People who are allergic to real down but like the plush feel offered by the material should also appreciate down alternative products like the Sleepgram pillow. Hot sleepers will do well with synthetic down since they don’t retain much heat and provide a cool sleep surface for your neck and head.

Q: How long does it take the Sleepgram pillow to expand fully?
A: The Sleepgram pillow arrives compressed and folded in a box, wrapped in plastic. After you remove the plastic, you’ll need to give them some time to fully expand. They should reach their full size within about 24 hours or less.

Q: What sizes do the Sleepgram pillows come in?
A: You can choose from two different sizes in this pillow, a Queen (18 by 26 inches in size) or a King (18 by 33 inches). The Queen size will fit comfortably into a Queen pillowcase, but you can fit it into a standard pillowcase if you want a firmer feel.

Q: How should I care for my Sleepgram pillow?
A: Your Sleepgram pillow is machine washable and dryable, which makes caring for it very easy. After you wash and dry it, the filling might shift, but it’s easy to fluff it back into place. When your pillow needs fluffing, remove it from the case and hand fluff it for a few minutes.

Guide: What To Look For in a Down Alternative Pillow

Each product comes with its own set of considerations and that includes down alternative pillows. Here are some features to look for to make sure you choose a quality pillow that will help you get great rest:

Hypoallergenic Filling

Sleepers with feather allergies or respiratory issues should avoid feather pillows since the natural filling can irritate these conditions. People who want the feel of real down but want a less potentially irritating filling should go with synthetic down. Just remember that as you sleep on your pillow night after night, dirt, dust mites, and oils from your skin seep into it. In order for your pillow to protect you against allergies, you should make sure you’re washing if often to prevent these irritants from accumulating.

Durable Design

Synthetic materials last a while if you make sure you care for them properly. Always follow the care instructions closely when you wash your down alternative pillow in the washing machine. And make sure you choose a down alternative pillow with durable stitching.


Down and synthetic down are prized for their insulating abilities. In the winter, your down alternative pillow should keep you comfortably warm, but won’t retain heat in the summer. Synthetic down is more breathable than real down, which is another potential advantage to this type of pillow.


Synthetic down pillows provide your head with a soft, plush sleep surface but on average, aren’t as supportive as memory foam pillows. You can still get support from a down alternative pillow, but you’ll want to choose one with a firmer feel in this case.

Down alternative pillows are a good choice for a guest room. Not everyone can tolerate feathers and they’re a hypoallergenic choice. Plus, they tend to be affordable compared to other types of pillows. The Sleepgram pillow is a good option for your guest room since your guest will be able to choose their own customized level of firmness.

Final Verdict

The Sleepgram pillow is a 3-in-1 product that allows you to adjust it for a soft, medium, or firm sleep surface. The pillow has a filled outer casing and two separate pillows within that you can remove to adjust the height. Due to this customizable feature, the pillow should work for every sleeper, no matter their preferences.

The Sleepgram pillow is not only fully adjustable but machine washable and dryer-safe. It conforms comfortably to the neck and head and works well for people who want a down-like pillow without buying a real down product. It might take some time to find the perfect adjustment for your sleep style, but you have 100 nights to test it out and decide whether to keep it.

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