The Tuft & Needle mattress uses two simple layers in its construction and offers a more responsive foam than other foam beds. The Purple mattress uses unique Smart Grid™ technology to keep the sleeper cool and provide pressure relief. Both options are good at absorbing motion and potentially easing tension.

Tuft & Needle started in 2012 by making mattress shopping easier and providing affordable beds at a lower price than competitors. They’re still a major choice for mattress shoppers because their prices are lower than similar brands.

Tuft & Needle made a widely appealing mattress by identifying the cooling, pressure-relieving, and supportive features that most sleepers wanted. The professionals at Tuft & Needle used their tech backgrounds and user feedback to perfect their construction.

Purple is another huge name in the mattress market and uses a unique comfort grid in their construction. The company was started by two brothers with backgrounds in engineering. Their motion-absorbing, pressure-relieving mattress has been a huge hit with online shoppers so far. Let’s look at some of the advantages of choosing a mattress from either of these popular companies.

3 Reasons To Pick The Tuft & Needle or Purple Mattress

No time to read the full comparison? Here are 4 reasons to buy either the Tuft & Needle or Purple Mattress:

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Pick The Tuft & Needle Mattress If:

  • You want a simple mattress: The Tuft & Needle mattress is a simple, bed-in-a-box design with two layers: the base layer and a comfort layer. If you’re looking for a bed with lots of layers or tons of different materials used, it may not be a good choice. But people who want a straightforward comfort solution without extra bells and whistles will probably appreciate the simplicity of this mattress.
  • You want a mattress that’s convenient to buy: Tuft & Needle has found a way to make mattress shopping convenient for their customers. They’ve partnered with Amazon to sell their product through Amazon Prime and open retail stores. This makes it super easy to buy a Tuft & Needle mattress. They also sell on their website.
  • You want a responsive foam bed: A lot of foam mattresses have a slow-responding surface that you gradually sink into. The Tuft & Needle mattress, on the other hand, has a more responsive foam with a bouncy surface. This makes it easier to switch positions on and will never make you feel stuck in the mattress.

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Pick The Purple Mattress If:

  • You tend to sleep hot at night: The unique grid used in the Purple mattress promotes airflow, helping you sleep cooler. If you tend to wake up sweaty in the night, this mattress could be a welcome change for a comfortable sleep temperature.
  • You need pressure or pain relief: The Purple mattress is a medium-firm bed that conforms closely to your body. The materials used in the bed allow your muscles to fully relax, potentially relieving pressure. If you suffer from back pain or tension in your body, you could wake up feeling better after switching to the Purple mattress.
  • You sleep with a partner: The materials in the Purple mattress are great at absorbing motion. This means that if you sleep with a restless partner or pet, the vibrations from their movements shouldn’t disturb you at night.


In order to understand which mattress is the better option for you, it’s essential to know how each one is made. Let’s delve into the construction of both of these great beds:

The Tuft & Needle mattress uses a proprietary T&N Adaptive® foam designed to provide pressure relief without feeling overly soft. The support layer is made from high-quality foam that gives the mattress its shape. Again, the foam in the Tuft & Needle mattress isn’t as slow-responding as you might find in other foam mattresses. Switching positions in your sleep is simple and effortless on this bed.

The firm base layer reacts to provide you with support and works comfortably for sleepers of all body types and sleep positions. The foams used in the Tuft & Needle mattress have been both CertiPUR-US® and GREENGUARD Gold certified. These certifications test for toxicity and make sure that the materials used in the bed are safe for the environment and sleepers.

The Purple mattress uses “Smart Grid” technology in its comfort layer, which creates a cool, pressure-relieving sleep surface. The grid design collapses under pressure, sinking in where you need it and providing support for your whole body. This creates a customized level of conforming support for your body. Since it is medium-firm in feel, the Purple mattress works for most body types and sleep preferences.

This bed molds closely to the sensitive points in your body, especially the mid-back and shoulders. You’ll feel more like you’re sleeping on top of the Purple mattress than inside it. The base of the Purple mattress is made from sturdy, durable foam and the materials in the bed are also CertiPUR-US® certified.

Firmness And Support

When it comes to firmness, the Tuft & Needle mattress rates at about a 6.5 out of 10, which is medium-firm. This bed provides quality pressure relief and above-average pain relief compared to other poly-foam mattresses. Tuft & Needle mattresses are bouncy for foam beds, but not as responsive as innerspring mattresses.

The top layer is fairly soft and responds fast to pressure, which makes it easy to switch positions comfortably. The firm base layer gives the mattress its shape and provides support for the sleeper.

The Purple mattress is a 6 out of 10 in terms of firmness. The bed conforms closely to your body, providing targeted pressure relief and improved spinal alignment. While it does provide a little responsiveness, couples who want a bouncy bed for sex might want to choose a mattress with springs, instead.

The Purple mattress doesn’t have very supportive edges compared to other mattresses, which can make it hard to get out of bed for people with mobility issues. If you’re after a responsive foam bed, Tuft & Needle is a better choice for you than Purple, as the Purple mattress creates a bit more sinkage with less bounce.

Motion Transfer And Sinkage

Motion transfer refers to the extent to which vibrations from movements travel through the bed. Light sleepers who don’t live alone should pay close attention to this feature in order to get quality rest.

Even though Tuft & Needle beds aren’t made with memory foam (the material known as the best for absorbing motion), customers report that it absorbs motion well. This means that if you’re sharing the bed with a partner and they’re tossing and turning, it shouldn’t keep you awake.

The Purple mattress isolates motion well, too, minimizing nighttime sleep disturbances. It’s also fairly silent, which further contributes to making it a good bed for couples who are trying not to bother each other at night.

If motion absorption is a key quality for you in your new mattress, you’ll do well with either the Tuft & Needle or Purple mattress. But since the Purple mattress creates more contouring and is a little less responsive, it does absorb motion better than the Tuft & Needle bed.

Temperature Regulation

Temperature regulation is a key feature in a quality mattress. Sleeping too hot can cause you to wake up repeatedly throughout the night and ultimately get subpar rest that leaves you feeling exhausted the next day.

The Tuft & Needle mattress uses heat-wicking graphite and cooling gel in its proprietary foam. In addition to this, they use a soft, breathable cover that helps keep you cool while you rest.

The Purple mattress uses a unique design called the Smart Comfort Grid™, which allows air to move freely around your body as you lie on it. Instead of retaining heat like traditional memory foam tends to, this keeps you at a neutral temperature in the night. The Purple mattress is better at regulating heat than the Tuft & Needle mattress, which can’t really compete with the airflow offered by the Smart Comfort Grid™.

Sleep Position And Body Type

The mattress that ends up being the right fit for you will depend on your body type and the sleep position you favor. As a general rule, medium-firm beds work for the widest number of people since they offer a neutral, supportive surface designed to accommodate the average weight and body.

The Tuft & Needle mattress is a good choice for people who sleep on their back or side, and average or lightweight sleepers. Heavy sleepers might want to opt for an innerspring mattress to ensure that they get the firm support they need. Stomach sleepers will likely do better with a firmer bed that properly supports their hips in that position.

The Purple mattress works well for most stomach and back sleepers of all weights. People who sleep exclusively on their side might find it a little too firm since the shoulders and hips take on all the body weight in this position and a softer mattress is more suitable. Average weight or heavy folks should appreciate the sinkage and conforming nature of the Purple mattress materials.

Sleep Trial and Warranty

Choosing a mattress with a decent sleep trial period and warranty coverage can give you the peace of mind you need. The Tuft & Needle mattress comes with a 100-night sleep trial, after which you can get a refund and free mattress removal. Tuft & Needle will also donate the bed to a charity of your choice as an added bonus. The bed comes with a 10-year limited warranty, as well.

The Purple mattress comes with a 100-night sleep trial period and 10-year warranty, as well. If you aren’t satisfied with your Purple mattress, the company will pick it up for you and give you a free refund.

Conclusion – So, which mattress is better?

So, which mattress is the better choice for you? The Tuft & Needle mattress is delivered to your door in a box that is easy to unpack and set up. You can expect this bed to last for up to seven years, as owners have reported minimal deterioration or sagging at the five-year mark.

The Tuft & Needle mattress is a medium-firm, cool mattress made with responsive foam and two straightforward, simple layers. It’s a good choice for lightweight or average sleepers looking for comfortable support.

The Purple mattress comes with an innovative comfort grid that might be a good switch for you if you’ve had trouble finding the right mattress for you in the past. This bed is great at dispersing heat and cushioning pressure points in the lower back, hips, and shoulders. While it does conform to the body, it doesn’t create as deep of a hug as a traditional memory foam mattress would.

People who sleep with a restless partner will do well with either the Tuft & Needle or Purple mattress. When it comes to overall performance, though, the Purple mattress takes the cake. Its construction, quality, and temperature regulation make it a better option. However, people on a tighter budget will appreciate that the Tuft & Needle bed is more affordable than the Purple mattress.

One potential downside to choosing Purple over Tuft & Needle is that Purple hasn’t been around for as long (they launched their first bed in 2015), so it’s hard to know how long the bed will actually last. That being said, both beds are getting great reviews and since both have a lengthy sleep trial period, the risk with either is nominal. We hope this helps you in making a decision between these two great mattresses.

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