Anyone who has tried to sleep on a plane or in a car is probably familiar with the neck and back pain that it often brings. Since travel is often unavoidable or a regular part of life, travel pillows are a must-have sleep accessory, but so many of them fall short.

When you nod off to sleep on the plane and your head falls sideways or forward, it’s impossible to get in a good nap. The J-Pillow is a potential solution to the issue of discomfort while traveling and may be a step up from the commonly seen inflatable, U-shaped travel pillow.

The J-Pillow has a unique shape that fills the gap between your shoulders and head, supporting your neck to let you catch some quality sleep while you travel.

4 Reasons To Pick The J-Pillow Travel Pillow:

  • Works for travel or at home: The J-Pillow is convenient for travel, as it can twist into several positions to support your neck and head on the bus, train, or airplane. But you can also use it at home to support your head and neck while you’re reading or watching TV.
  • Affordable: Travel pillows can be expensive, especially when you opt for higher-end options like memory foam. The J-Pillow is affordable as far as specialty pillows go and currently runs for about $30.
  • Easy to care for: The J-Pillow is machine washable, which makes it easy to care for. It’s made with durable materials that will maintain their integrity even after being repeatedly washed.
  • Convenient and portable: This product comes with a snap-loop fastener that you can attach to your purse, backpack, or duffle bag. This makes it convenient to carry around and also makes it less likely that you’ll lose it.

Firmness & Support

The J-Pillow uses a polyester fiber filling to provide cushioned support and give the pillow a sturdy feel. The adjustable, unique shape of the pillow has three flexible arms that form a “J” shape. The gentle curves of the pillow allow you to use it in multiple ways to prop up your chin, head, and neck in the upright sitting position.

The J-Pillow stays in place well and has an average level of firmness. The filling in the pillow is fairly responsive, bouncing back to its original shape easily.


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The cover of the J-Pillow has a soft, fuzzy feel and is made with polyester. The pillow has durable stitching that can easily withstand bending and flexing as you use it. The polyester fiber filling in the J-Pillow is comfortable, supportive, and lasts a long time without breaking down. Unlike some other travel pillows, the materials used in the construction of the J-Pillow make it machine washable.

The J-Pillow comes packed tight and sealed in a plastic bag with a drawstring carrying case. You’ll also find instructions for how to use the pillow included in your purchase.

Temperature Regulation

Polyester fiberfill is breathable compared to materials, like memory foam, which tends to retain heat. You won’t have to worry about getting hot and sweaty when you use the J-Pillow.


Travel pillows can get expensive, especially when they have an unusual design like the J-Pillow. But, as mentioned earlier, the J-Pillow is affordable for a specialty pillow.

Sleep Trial Period & Warranty

J-Pillow offers a 30-day trial with their product and a return or replacement within 30 days after you buy it. If you purchase the pillow through Amazon, however, make sure you double check that this policy still stands.

Frequently Asked Questions

When you’re buying a new product, it’s important to get all the facts. Here are some frequently asked questions to review before deciding whether or not to buy the J-Pillow:

Q: What are some of the different ways I can use the J-Pillow?
A: The J-Pillow works by using the weight of your head to stay in place. The “J” part of the pillow can be wrapped around your neck to provide support or you can use it on a flat surface, like the wall of a bus or a window seat. If you travel somewhere and find yourself without a pillow to use, you might be able to use it as a regular pillow, though its shape makes it not ideal for that situation. This pillow is also getting positive feedback from people in wheelchairs, as it can provide support for their neck and head.

Q: Can the J-Pillow be used to provide lumbar support?
A: The shape of the J-Pillow makes it a bit difficult to use it for lower back support. You may struggle to find a comfortable way to use it for this purpose. The pillow works best in a high-backed seat, like those found on a bus or airplane.

Q: Who developed the J-Pillow?
A: This product was made by Gemma Jensen, a former airline stewardess and mother who wanted to provide a solution to flying uncomfortably. Now, her product is among the best-selling travel pillows available on Amazon.

Q: How do I care for my J-Pillow?
A: The J-Pillow can be machine washed and tumble dried. This is convenient since a lot of travel pillows can only be hand washed or not at all. Polyester synthetic materials won’t lose shape or bunch up after washing.

Guide: What To Look For in a Travel Pillow

Resting comfortably while you travel can make all the difference. A comfortable travel pillow can make this possible. Here are some qualities to look for in a good travel pillow:

  • A reasonable price: Travel pillows tend to cost around $40 or less. While U-shaped travel pillows will cost less than more unique items like the J-pillow, they also may not be as comfortable. Considering how much your travel pillow can impact your journey, it may be worth it to spend money on a good one, instead of opting for the cheapest you can find.
  • Quality support: One important factor to keep in mind when you’re choosing a travel pillow is how well it supports your head. We’ve all fallen asleep in the car or plane only to wake up with an aching neck. Think about the way you tend to sleep when you’re in an upright position and find a pillow that will adequately support you.
  • Comfortable fabric: Choosing a travel pillow made with comfortable fabric is a must. Your sleep temperature is an important aspect of the quality of rest you get. The last thing you’ll want is to feel too hot or itchy when you’re trying to catch a nap on the plane. Consider how the fabric you choose will feel in different environments and try to choose an option that is cool and breathable.
  • Durability: It’s crucial to choose a travel pillow that will withstand your journeys, especially if you travel a lot. If you choose a machine washable option, you can probably assume it’s a durable choice since it can handle the washing machine. Choosing a travel pillow that’s built to last will be best so you don’t have to keep buying pillows in the future.

Final Verdict

When using the J-Pillow at home, it works best for people who like to sleep on their side, as it feels most comfortable that way if you use it lying down. This pillow works best in high-backed seats or the window seat of a plane.

You can the J-Pillow and it will stay just as soft, though some users have commented that they wished the cover was removable and could be washed separately. The J-Pillow is soft and comfortable and also has a reasonable price.

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