The Puffy mattress is a good choice for people who like the feel of a medium-soft mattress or sleep on their side, as it properly supports and cushions the body in this position.

Are you in the market for a new mattress? Considering giving memory foam a try and you’ve heard some good things about the Puffy mattress? We can help!

Puffy started in 2016 and made their mattress after extensive research and product testing. All of the Puffy mattress features are designed by and unique to Puffy – a small, privately held company. Although the company is relatively new, it’s been popular and was even featured on the Ellen show.

Users report that the mattress stays cool and has a soft, comfortable feel. Each mattress is made to order and all returned mattresses are donated by the company to charity. The Puffy mattress comes with an optional mattress foundation and adjustable mattress base.

4 Reasons To Pick The Puffy Mattress

Quality materials: The Puffy mattress uses exclusive foam layers developed specifically by the company. The top layer is a gel-infused, plush foam with cooling properties to keep the sleeper comfortable. The base layer is an extra-firm foam to support the sleeper and help the mattress maintain its shape. Together the plush top layer and firm base give the sleeper a soft yet supportive bed.

Moisture-wicking cover: In addition to the gel-infused top layer on the Puffy mattress, the bed has another cooling feature set in place. The mattress cover is made with breathable, moisture-wicking fabric that will help you rest at a comfortable temperature.

Affordability: Memory foam mattresses can cost as little as $150 and as much as thousands of dollars. The Puffy mattress is on the lower end of the price spectrum and has an affordable cost, so you can get a comfortable, supportive bed without breaking the bank.

Lifetime warranty: Warranty is important when you’re choosing something as essential as your next mattress. A good warranty will protect you against defects in the product and other potential mishaps. The Puffy mattress comes with a lifetime warranty, which many competitor mattress companies don’t offer.

Firmness & Support

The Puffy mattress is a medium-soft mattress that rates at about 5 out of 10 in terms of firmness. The comfort layer compresses easily, allowing you to sink in for pressure relief and a plush sleep experience. The base layer, however, is denser and firmer than average, which prevents the mattress from feeling overly soft.

Soft or medium-soft beds work best for people who are lighter than average or who favor the side sleeping position. When you sleep on your side, your weight is concentrated in the hip and shoulder area, requiring a plush surface to prevent or reduce uncomfortable pressure points. Note that some sleepers, particularly heavier people, may find this bed too soft with too much sinkage.


Puffy Mattress

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This mattress is made right here in the USA with an environmentally-friendly manufacturing process. The cover on the Puffy mattress has a soft, comfortable feel and is made with stretch-knit fabric to prevent wrinkling or bunching. The cover fabric encourages airflow and has moisture-wicking properties to keep your sleep experience cool and sweat-free.

The Puffy mattress is 10 inches high and uses two simple layers of memory foam in its design. First is the 3-inch cooling comfort layer made with gel-infused memory foam. This material, which is only found in the Puffy mattress, has a cloudlike softness and diffuses heat to prevent you from overheating while you sleep.

Under that is the 7-inch firm base layer of the Puffy mattress. This layer was designed to be firmer than Puffy’s competitors to provide more support for the sleeper. Although the base layer is very firm, it’s also designed to be responsive enough to help with spinal alignment.

Temperature Regulation & Motion Isolation

According to users, the Puffy mattress does a good job at keeping the sleeper cool. Since the entire top layer of the mattress is made from a cooling gel-foam material, it does well with pulling heat from the sleeper’s body. The cover also has cooling, moisture-wicking properties and feels cool to the touch. However, the Puffy mattress is still an all-foam bed and, as a result, won’t sleep as cool as an innerspring mattress since the coils in this type of bed prevent heat from building up.

While all-foam beds aren’t the top of the line when it comes to temperature regulation, they’re definitely good at absorbing motion disturbances. This means that when you share the bed with a partner or pet, you shouldn’t be woken up by every little movement.


The top layer of the Puffy mattress is plush yet responsive enough to keep you from feeling stuck when you want to switch sleep positions in the night. The bed doesn’t have the best edge support due to the thick comfort layer and soft design. Since the Puffy mattress was designed to have a cloudlike feel, the edges compress fairly easily under pressure.

Eco-Friendliness & Smell

The memory foam manufacturing process typically uses chemical compounds that are potentially harmful to your health. However, the Puffy mattress uses an alternative manufacturing process that cuts out toxic chemicals. The foams used in this bed are all CertiPUR-US® certified, meaning they were found to be free from harmful amounts of toxins like formaldehyde and heavy metals.

Since the Puffy mattress is a memory foam bed, it does come with some off-gassing. This means that when you first un-package it, it may have a slight chemical smell (compared to as a “new car smell” by some customers). To get rid of this, leave the bed in a room with the windows open for a few days.


The Puffy mattress is affordable as far as memory foam beds go. A Twin is $795, a Queen size is currently going for $1,150, and a King costs $1,350. Keep in mind that the exact cost can vary depending on when you buy and the company often has sales.

Sleep Trial Period & Warranty

Puffy provides customers with a 101-night sleep trial period. If at any time during this period, you decide you don’t want to keep the bed, Puffy will donate it to a local charity and give you a full refund.

The bed comes with a unique lifetime warranty that covers manufacturing defects for as long as you own the bed. This includes foam indentations, cover defects, or problems with the zipper. If you detect a defect after 10 years of owning the mattress, you can buy a new Puffy mattress at 50 percent off and also keep the old bed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Your new mattress is a very important purchase that will impact your overall sleep health and day to day life. Here are some commonly asked questions you should keep in mind:

Q: How does Puffy’s shipping process work?
A: Your new Puffy mattress comes with free shipping through FedEx and should arrive at your house in five days or less. It will come compressed in a box, rolled up and vacuum sealed. Since each bed is made to order, the mattress isn’t compressed for very long. The bed will take at least a few hours to expand to its full shape, so be sure to plan for that.

Q: How should I care for my new Puffy mattress?
A: This mattress is made with durable materials and shouldn’t require too much maintenance. The cover on the Puffy mattress is designed to protect the foams below from humidity and sweat, but be careful not to spill any liquids on the bed. Spills can cause damage to memory foam and render the warranty void. You can take the cover off and wash it, but try to do so sparingly to preserve the fabric. If the cover gets stained, take it off before you wash it to prevent liquid or soap from soaking into the bed.

Q: How long can I expect my Puffy mattress to last?
A: Memory foam mattresses tend to last between eight and 10 years, though this can vary based on how well you care for them. As long as you’re careful not to spill any liquids on your bed, your Puffy mattress should last at least this long.

Q: Who can benefit from switching to the Puffy mattress?
A: Memory foam beds are a good option for a number of reasons. Viscoelastic foam evenly distributes your body weight over the mattress, reducing pressure in the body. Memory foam conforms to your unique body shape, creating a customized level of comfort. If you struggle with persistent body pain or tension, this type of mattress material can help as it allows your body to relax fully. Memory foam beds are also a good option for couples since the foam absorbs motion disturbances. Note that since the Puffy mattress is medium-soft, it’s best for people who sleep on their side or aren’t too heavy, as heavy sleepers require a firmer mattress for proper support.

Guide: What To Look For in a Memory Foam Mattress

Getting a good night’s sleep is essential for your health and a memory foam mattress may be your ticket to quality nightly rest. Although switching to memory foam may ease your sleep problems, you’ll want to make sure you’re getting a bed that will serve your needs well for some years. Here are some factors to consider before you invest in a new memory foam mattress:

Your sleep position: Before buying a memory foam bed, you’ll first want to consider the sleep position you tend to use. People who sleep on their back or stomach should use a medium-firm or firm bed that will properly support their hips while they sleep. People who sleep on their side will do better with a softer mattress, as it will properly cushion their hips and shoulders, reducing pressure points.

Your body type: Another factor you’ll need to consider before investing in a new memory foam bed is your body type. Again, lightweight sleepers will feel comfortable on a soft to medium-soft mattress since their body won’t sink too far into it, which can lead to misalignment. Sleepers of average weight should opt for a medium-firm or firm mattress, depending on their default sleep position. Sleepers who are carrying some extra weight should go with a firm bed to ensure that they get the support they need.

Mattress thickness: Mattress thickness is another factor you should consider before you buy a new memory foam bed. What type of foundation do you have and how thick of a bed can it accommodate? The thicker a mattress is, the plusher and more supportive it tends to be.

Sleep temperature: When it comes to memory foam, sleep temperature is a crucial consideration to make as this material can retain heat if you aren’t careful with the bed you select. Cooling gel infusions and breathable covers are a couple of common features that can help combat heat retention. If you struggle with sleeping hot, make sure you use breathable bed linen, such as cotton, instead of hot material like flannel.

Final Verdict

Overall, the Puffy mattress performs well according to user reviews in terms of comfort and support. It won’t be as easy to move around on as an innerspring bed since it has a soft top layer, although it’s more responsive than average as far as memory foam goes. In addition, users report that the Puffy mattress sleeps cool, so you likely won’t need to worry about overheating in your sleep.

A couple of potential downsides to keep in mind for the Puffy mattress are its weak edge support and the fact that its softer design may create too much sinkage for some sleepers. The bed comes with free shipping, a comparatively affordable price, and is made in the USA. Puffy donates their mattresses to charity and manufacturer the beds with environmentally-friendly processes.

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