The Fleep bed has been around since 2014 and has a double-sided design. The Canadian mattress is a bed-in-a-box designed to satisfy a variety of sleep needs. By blending different types of foams, firmness levels, and densities, Fleep has created a mattress to provide reliable support and comfort at an affordable price.

4 Reasons To Pick The Fleep Bed:

  • You aren’t sure how firm you want your bed to be: If you’ve never bought a foam mattress or shopped online for a bed, it can be hard to know what the right firmness level is for you. The Fleep mattress comes with two different firmness options in one bed, so you can flip the mattress and try the other side if the first side doesn’t work.
  • You share your bed with a partner: Foam mattresses are the best in the business when it comes to absorbing motion. This is good news for people who share their bed with a partner or pet, since the material will isolate the vibrations from their movements and help you rest peacefully through the night.
  • You’re on a budget: Just because you don’t have thousands to spend on a mattress doesn’t mean you can’t get a quality bed. Companies like Fleep offer budget-friendly beds, making it easier for people to get great rest while spending less.
  • You want a foam bed, but sleep hot: Fleep uses Thermocool technology to help reduce heat retention and user reviews state that the feature works well for helping them sleep cool. Since sleeping hot is a common complaint with memory foam beds, this is good news for people who struggle with getting warm in their sleep.

Firmness & Support Of The Fleep Mattress

The Fleep mattress, as mentioned, has two firmness levels. The firmer side of the bed is about a 7.5 out of 10 on the mattress firmness scale, while the softer side is about a 5 out of 10.

Back sleepers should appreciate the firmer side, as it will evenly distribute their weight across the mattress, rather than creating too much sinkage. Heavier sleepers should also choose the firmer side to ensure they get proper support and don’t experience misalignment of the spine.

The softer side of the bed is better-suited for side sleepers, since they usually require extra cushioning in the shoulder and hip area. Lightweight sleepers should also choose this side, as the firm side will likely feel uncomfortably hard. The firmer side of the bed only has a minimal amount of give, yet should still feel comfortable to average or heavy sleepers.

Note that all-foam mattresses typically don’t have the sturdiest of edges, which can make it a bit harder to get out of bed. If you have arthritis or other mobility issues, this could be an issue. In that case, you may want to select a hybrid bed with supportive coils and stronger edges, instead of an all-foam mattress.

Bed Construction

Fleep Bed

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The Fleep mattress has a removable cover, although it isn’t machine washable. If you’re concerned about stains or spills on your bed, you may want to add a mattress protector to the Fleep mattress. The bed is 10 inches in height and has four foam layers, which we’ll describe starting with the softer side of the bed.

Under the cover is a 2-inch layer of perforated gel foam that has a contouring effect. The perforated design of this foam layer promotes airflow and helps reduce heat retention, to encourage a cool sleep environment.

Next is a 2-inch layer of therapeutic foam that provides some firm comfort and prevents you from sinking too far into the bed (which can cause misalignment in the spine).

The next layer is a 4-inch dense base foam with a softer feel that gives the firm side of the bed some contouring. The fourth layer of the bed is a 2-inch layer of aerated memory foam, which acts as the top layer of the firmer side of the mattress. The perforated structure of the foam helps regulate body temperature by allowing air to circulate through the mattress.

Temperature Regulation & Motion Isolation

The Fleep mattress uses Thermocool fiber in its cover, which encourages breathability. The firm side of the bed doesn’t allow for much sinkage, so you can rest comfortably cool, while the softer side uses an aerated, gel-infused design to dissipate heat. Customers report that the bed sleeps at a comfortable temperature and doesn’t get too hot.

Motion absorption refers to how well a mattress absorbs vibrations to prevent you and your partner from disturbing each other. Good motion isolation is one of the Fleep bed’s strongest qualities. Even if you’re a light sleeper who shares your bed with a restless partner, you shouldn’t feel them moving around at night.

Mattress Responsiveness

When a mattress is great at isolating motion, it’s usually because the surface of the bed isn’t bouncy. The firm side of the Fleep bed is more responsive than the soft side, but neither will feel very springy. If you want a bouncy bed, you may want to look into an innerspring mattress, instead of an all-foam bed.

Eco-Friendliness & Smell

The Fleep mattress is CertiPUR-US® certified, which means it was tested and found to be free from harmful levels of toxic chemicals. Some users reported that the bed has a slight odor when you first unpack it, but that it fades within a day or two. If you’re especially sensitive to smells, you may want to leave the bed in a well-ventilated room to air out for up to three days.


The price is another strong point of the Fleep mattress. It costs $899 (CAD) for a Queen and $899 (USD) for U.S. citizens.

Sleep Trial Period & Warranty

The Fleep mattress has a 111-day sleep trial, within which you can return your bed if you aren’t satisfied with it. Fleep will issue a 100 percent refund for people who want to return their bed, though you must first prove that you haven’t damaged the bed by sending them photos of it. The bed is also covered by a 10-year warranty to protect your purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions About The Fleep Mattress:

Reviewing frequently asked questions is a good way to get a fuller picture of the product you’re considering. Below, we’ll cover some common concerns about the Fleep mattress:

Q: How should I clean the bed if it gets stained?
A: If you accidentally spill on your bed, take the cover off right away, then use a towel to sponge up the stain. As soon as you’ve soaked up the moisture, use a gentle soap to clean the stain. Allow it to dry completely before you replace the cover and never use bleach to clean the bed.

Q: Do I need to flip my Fleep mattress regularly?
A: Some beds require flipping to ensure that they wear evenly. The Fleep bed, on the other hand, doesn’t need to be flipped. You can choose to flip it, however, if you enjoy both firmness levels and want to switch between them periodically. Fleep recommends that you rotate your bed from head to foot each time you change your sheets, as this can encourage the bed to wear evenly and prevent sagging.

Q: How long do I need to test my bed before deciding whether or not to keep it?
A: Fleep recommends that customers test out each side of their bed for at least 30 days. If you try out one side and it doesn’t feel right, the other side of the mattress might be better suited for you. If neither side feels right after you test each for 30 days, you can contact the company to see about a refund.

Q: How do I find out whether the Fleep mattress is right for me?
A: Use your Fleep bed with a high-quality, thin mattress protector. Using too thick of a protector can affect the feel of the mattress and contribute to sleeping too hot. To properly test your bed, you should use a high-quality pillow. The Fleep pillow comes in two firmness levels, just like the Fleep mattress, giving you two tries to find the right comfort level for you.

Guide: What To Look For In A Memory Foam Mattress:

Each mattress type comes with its own unique considerations to keep in mind. Below, we’ll cover some features to look for in a memory foam bed:

  • The appropriate thickness: Memory foam beds typically range from 6 to 14 inches in height. Thicker beds tend to be softer than thinner options, since a taller mattress will have more layers between the firmer base foam and the softer top layers. Adding a mattress topper can give your bed more of a plush feel, but if you choose a double-sided bed with two firmness levels, you can just flip to the softer side instead. Make sure you know which firmness level should suit your body type and weight, before purchasing.
  • Foundation compatibility: Using the right support system for your memory foam bed can ensure optimal comfort and help your mattress last longer. Using the wrong foundation, on the other hand, can cause it to wear out faster and may even void the warranty. So, it’s important to choose the right type of foundation for your bed. Memory foam mattresses can be used with a platform bed, an adjustable base, or placed directly on the floor (in most cases). When in doubt, ask the manufacturer what type of foundation to use with your memory foam bed.
  • Price: Your mattress is one item you definitely don’t want to skimp on, since the quality of sleep you get has a strong impact on your quality of life. Don’t buy the cheapest of the cheap when you’re shopping for a new bed (unless you have no other choice), since they tend to be lower quality and won’t last as long. Spend as much as you can afford to on your bed.

Final Verdict

The Fleep mattress is made in Canada but is available to both Canadian and U.S. citizens. Instead of opting for a “one-size-fits-all” design approach, Fleep made their bed with a flippable design that gives you two tries to find the right firmness level.

Customers report that the mattress sleeps cool and comfortable and is great at isolating motion. Some users found that the top cover not being machine washable was a bit inconvenient and that the soft side of the bed felt “like quicksand.” Overall, we think this bed is a good choice for people who are looking for a budget-friendly bed and share their mattress with a partner.

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