If you need plenty of support for your body, want a product that will last for years and want to fully test the mattress before making any final decisions, the Eve may be your answer. Unfortunately, owners of this mattress complain heavily about this product’s off-gassing, which some customers report made it unbearable to sleep on for the first few days.

You Might Want To Pick The Eve Mattress If:

  • You Don’t Want to Purchase a New Mattress in a Few Years: The Eve mattress underwent rigorous testing to ensure it will hold up for 10 years of consistent use. The results of these tests proved it is a durable mattress and after a decade of proper handling, it will still provide the comfort and support you need.
  • You Sleep with a Partner: The Eve offers excellent motion isolation. Even when your partner wiggles during the night or gets up to visit the bathroom, you will be able to rest all night long.
  • You Need Relief on Your Joints: The Eve features a top layer of responsive foam that redistributes weight to your stronger joints, helping you wake up rejuvenated and rested. You wake up less stiff, sore and achy after consistently sleeping on this mattress.
  • You Want Plenty of Time to Test the Product: The Eve offers a 100-night trial period. If you are not satisfied with the mattress during that time, the company will issue you a full refund and send a courier to pick up and return the mattress for you.

In-Depth Review: The Eve Mattress

The Eve is the perfect mattress if you are looking for comfort and durability. We found the Eve to offer the right amount of support for back sleepers, features durable construction and an outstanding guarantee and trial period.

Despite the few drawbacks found with this mattress, it still offers an exceptional feature set and high-quality materials that will ensure restful nights for years to come.

Firmness & Support – A Medium-Firm Mattress With Plenty Of Support For Back And Side Sleepers

When purchasing a mattress, you need the right amount of support and cushion for your favorite sleeping positions. Luckily, the Eve offers just that.

The Eve is a medium-firm mattress. On a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being extremely soft and 10 being extremely firm, the company self-rated itself as a 7. Many users of the mattress agree and report the mattress is firm but still provides plenty of cushion on top to keep the mattress soft and comfortable.

Although, if you do find this mattress is too firm, the Eve company will send you a mattress topper to soften it. The medium firm design of the Eve makes it ideal for back sleepers who need a little extra firmness, yet still plenty of cushion.

Unfortunately, stomach sleepers, who need a firmer mattress, report that they find the Eve to be uncomfortable.

Construction – Three Foam Layers Combine To Create High-Quality Product

The Eve is an excellent option if you want a mattress made from high-quality materials and that offers cool nights, plenty of bounce, pressure relief and motion isolation.

This is all a result of this mattress’ three-layer design. To ensure you have the support and stability you need in the mattress, the bottom layer is a 6.5-inch thick support base made of ultra-resilient foam. This thick foam layer keeps the mattress from sagging and ensures you have the support you need, even if you or your partner are heavier individuals.

Memory foam can be hot and sweaty if it lacks cooling properties. This middle layer is thin — only 1-inch thick — but is essential in keeping you cool and comfortable throughout the night. This is possible because of this thin layer of open-pore technology foam, which Eve states is 30 percent more breathable than other memory foam layers.

The top layer is essential for your body’s comfort and joints. This layer features 2-inches of responsive memory foam that molds to your body and provides exceptional comfort that many users boast about.

To combine all the layers into one and create a fresh look, as well as keep you cool and comfortable, the three foam layers are concealed within a polyester fabric cover. The polyester in the cover is hypoallergenic and is soft enough that an additional mattress cover is not necessary.

This mattress cover is essential in keeping you cool throughout the night, and it is made from breathable fabric. This fabric allows hot air trapped in the mattress to escape and prevents excess heat and moisture from encompassing your body.

Furthermore, this mattress cover is safe for all ages to sleep on and doesn’t provide any harmful chemicals or substances, which is proven by its Oeko-Tex certification.

Durability & Responsiveness – The Eve Has Minimal Indentations After 10 Years

The durability of the Eve sets it apart from other memory foam mattresses. Memory foam mattresses last an average of 10 years, much longer than other types of mattresses. The Eve underwent extensive testing to see what it would look like after 10 years of use and the company reported that with normal usage, the mattress would indent an average of only 2mm.

Many reviewers of the Eve agree that after extensive use, the mattress still provides the comfort and the support they need. Both taller and heavier individuals have praised this mattress and how well it has held up to their larger bodies. In addition to the durability of this product, it responds exceptionally well to your body.

When you remove weight from the mattress, it quickly bounces back to its original shape. Some lower-quality memory foam mattresses may leave an indentation that can take several minutes to bounce back. This isn’t the case with the Eve.

The base layer of the mattress, along with the top layer of responsive memory foam ensure the bed responds correctly and quickly to your movements. Even many users report they haven’t experienced any large ruts, even after extensive use on the mattress.

Pressure Relief – No More Stiff And Sore Mornings

Some mattresses can cause you to wake up sore and achy. The Eve helps redistribute your weight so the pressure is placed on your stronger joints such as your hips.

This means that you don’t have an achy and stiff body in the morning and you wake up feeling much more rejuvenated and relaxed. This pressure relief is the result of the top, responsive layer of memory foam on the mattress.

Eco-Friendliness & Smell – Powerful Smell That Can Last Months

One of the greatest customer complaints regarding this mattress is its horrible smell. Many memory foam mattresses have an unpleasant, chemical-like smell after unboxing and this mattress is no different.

Unfortunately, many users report this smell doesn’t go away quickly and they were able to smell it months after unboxing the mattress. Furthermore, several owners reported they could not sleep on the Eve for several days due to its unbearable smell.

Despite its poor odor, the Eve doesn’t contain any heavy metals, lead or mercury. It also lacks formaldehyde, which is a substance commonly found in foam.

Nor does the Eve have other harmful and dangerous substances found inside. It is CertiPUR certified, meaning it has met all guidelines and standards proving that it is safe for all ages to sleep on and it won’t provide any dangerous threats to your health.

Trial Period – Lengthy Trial Period Ensures You Are Completely Satisfied

When purchasing the Eve, you can only order the mattress online. There is no showroom or other location to test the mattress before buying it. However, this shouldn’t cause too much concern as the Eve comes with a 100-night trial period. You have 100-nights to test the mattress before you make any final decisions.

This is one of the longest trial periods offered on a memory foam mattress, particularly when compared to several similar memory foam mattress companies. If you decide you do not like the Eve, you can return it for a full refund and the company will send a courier to pick up the mattress for you, making the return process extremely simple.

However, be cautious of where you purchase the Eve as the trial period may differ depending on which online store you choose. For example, if you purchase the Eve from Amazon, the 100-night trial period is void and you can only return for a full refund within the Amazon’s 30-day return policy.

Warranty – The Eve Offers An Average Warranty

The Eve is covered under a 10-year manufacturer warranty. Under this warranty, if there are any physical flaws in the mattress or the mattress cover, or the mattress loses its shape, splits or cracks due to proper handling, the company may exchange the mattress for a brand new one.

However, if flaws happen due to normal wear and tear, these are not covered under the warranty. This 10-year warranty is the average warranty length for a memory foam mattress.

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of bed frame do I need?

The Eve works on all bed frames including slatted and adjustable bed frames, as well as the floor.

Can I use fitted sheets?

Yes, you can use fitted sheets with the Eve mattress. Most standard sheets will work well with this mattress.

Can I wash the mattress cover?

Yes, the mattress cover is washer and dryer friendly.

Final Verdict

The Eve mattress is an excellent option if you are a back sleeper. This medium-firm mattress provides plenty of support and relieves pressure on your weaker joints if you constantly wake up achy and stiff.

Its airflow properties ensure hot air doesn’t become trapped around your body and that you don’t wake up due to excess heat and unwanted moisture. While the smell is a large drawback to this mattress, this mattress has many positive qualities that make it worth considering.

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