This pillow is especially great for side sleepers due to its shredded memory foam core which provides ample support for your neck and spine to prevent neck and back pain. It sleeps relatively cool due to the enhanced airflow capabilities of the shredded viscoelastic foam and the breathable Bamboo cover.

It is fully machine washable, hypoallergenic and dust mite resistant and thus great for everyone suffering from allergies. Because they are able to cut out the middleman by selling online the pillow is reasonably priced for its high quality and the 30 days no questions asked money back guarantee makes this a great deal.

Construction – Shredded Viscoelastic Memory Foam & Bamboo Viscose

Memory foam is often used in mattresses and pillows and it is a great material to support and contour your head and offers a soft (like…very soft) feel.

While some companies choose to opt for a solid block of memory foam, this usually reduces airflow and promotes heat buildup which can cause you to wake up hot and sweaty.

Coop Home Goods went for shredded memory foam for the core of its pillow which combines the benefits of contouring memory foam with the enhanced breathability of small, shredded particles. This way air can pass through the pillow to not only cool you down during hot summer days but to also keep out bacteria and moisture which makes for a healthier sleeping environment.

Fully Customisable and Therefore Ideal for Side, Back & Stomach Sleepers

One feature we love is the customizability of the Coop pillow. While the initial thickness might be geared more toward side sleepers, thickness and firmness can be adjusted to meet your individual needs.

To easily be able to change the thickness of the Coop Home Goods pillow you just need to open the zipper on the side of the Bamboo cover.

Within the cover, you will find a second casing which contains the shredded viscoelastic memory foam. By adding or removing filling you can adjust your headrest to your personal preferences.

  • For side sleepers, we recommend a thicker pillow that provides the necessary support for their spine. Your shoulders increase the distance between your mattress and your neck so a thicker pillow will be able to fill that gap and align your neck and spine.This is especially important because a misaligned neck can lead to neck pain, insomnia or headaches.
  • For back sleepers, we recommend a medium-firm, medium-thick pillow. Just remove some of the filling material until your head rests comfortably on the pillow without bending too much.
  • Stomach sleepers need a very thin and soft pillow to suit their sleeping position. Again, this can be easily accomplished by removing some of the shredded memory foam.

Certified Shredded Memory Foam without harmful chemicals

Coop Home Goods went to great length to ensure that their pillows include no harmful chemicals in any way. And while you might notice a chemical smell in the first 1-3 days after purchase, this is completely normal for all types of memory foam and therefore all memory foam pillows and mattresses.

To get rid of the smell, just air out the pillow for a day or two. Alternatively, you can machine wash it or put it in the dryer. The dryer will also help with making it more fluffy since the vacuum seal of the packaging will reduce the fluffiness of the pillow in the first few days.

The foam is CertiPUR-US certified and independently tested. These tests are repeated every year to ensure continuous safety and quality. Therefore it doesn’t contain:

  • Any ozone depleters
  • PBDEs, TDCPP or TCEP flame retardants
  • Mercury, lead and heavy metals
  • Formaldehyde, phthalates regulated by the CPSC
  • CFCs

Bamboo Cover improves breathability for cool nights

The Viscose Rayon cover further enhances the cooling properties of the pillow. Derived from the eco-friendly material Bamboo, it sleeps a bit cooler than cotton and is highly breathable. The cover can be removed if necessary by opening a small zipper on the side. It is machine washable but so is the entire pillow so it might make more sense to just wash the pillow instead.

3 Sizes – Standard, Queen, and King

The pillow comes in three different sizes. Standard is the smallest option at 20 in x 26 in. The queen size pillow measures 20 in x 30 in and the King pillow measures 20 in x 36 in cut size.

Reasonably Priced

Because Coop manages to cut out the middleman by selling its foam pillow through online stores it can offer it at a cheaper price than many of its offline competitors. Check out the current price here.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee and 5-year warranty

The benefits of buying online include longer trial periods than in retail stores and this is true for the Coop Home Goods pillow as well. Should you not be happy with your pillow after ordering it online you can return it for free during the first 30 days – no questions asked. And to cover manufacturing errors Coop offers a 5-year warranty on top.

How to care for your shredded foam pillow?

The pillow is completely machine washable so keeping it clean is very easy. To dry just leave it in a well-ventilated room or put it in the dryer for some extra fluff.

Conclusion of our review

The shredded memory foam pillow with viscose rayon cover derived from bamboo by coop home goods is a top quality product that works well for all sleeping positions.

It is highly adjustable and works well during pregnancy and due to its hypoallergenic properties, it is a good option for those suffering from allergies.

Coop Home Goods has a good reputation with their customers who praise their good customer support and quality of their products. With a 30 day trial and money back guarantee with believe buying this bamboo infused pillow rightfully is one of the best-rated memory foam pillows on the market.

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