IKEA’s Morgedal is a . It is considerably cheaper than many other memory foam products on the market and is available in a variety of sizes. It is made using two layers of foam, and it is approximately 7-inches thick.

This is a thinner memory foam mattress, so heavier individuals may not find the support they need. Additionally, if the mattress is used for an extensive amount of time, many users report it loses its support, making it ideal for guest bedrooms or rooms where it will not receive excessive use.

This mattress is available in many sizes and you can choose between a medium-firm or firm product. However, users report that even the medium-firm mattress falls on the far end of the spectrum and may be  who need a softer product.


  • Great Value
  • 25-year warranty
  • 365-day exchange policy
  • Available in medium-firm and firm


  • Poor support for heavy individuals
  • Made from lower-quality materials
  • Will wear down quickly with extensive use

You Might Want to Consider the Morgedal Mattress If:​

  • You are looking for a mattress in your guest bedroom: The majority of users report being overall satisfied with the mattress. However, after extensive use, the number of satisfied users decreases. This makes the bed ideal for guest bedrooms or for rooms with infrequent use.
  • You like a firm mattress: Back and stomach sleepers will find this mattress provides plenty of firmness to support their favorite sleeping positions. Plus, the medium-firm and firm options let you choose the best level of firmness for your home.
  • You want a product with a long warranty: This IKEA mattress boasts a 25-year warranty. Most memory foam mattresses are covered under warranty for only 10 years.
  • You don’t want to spend a lot of money: The Morgedal mattress is much cheaper than many other memory foam products. You won’t be hurting your budget by purchasing this mattress for your home.
  • You are of average weight: Light and average sleepers will have the support they need with this mattress, keeping you comfortable and well-rested all night long.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Morgedal Mattress

Q: How long does it take for the mattress to regain its full shape?

The Morgedal mattress takes approximately three to four days to fully expand and provide its full support.

Q: Does this mattress come with free shipping?

No, but you can pick up the mattress at an IKEA store or conveniently order them on Amazon.

Q: Should I rotate this mattress?

It is recommended to rotate this mattress every three to six months to prevent creating permanent body indentations.

Q: How do I clean the mattress?

The Morgedal’s mattress cover is removable and can be machine washed. The cover is thin so an additional protective mattress cover may be worth considering.

Our Verdict

No products found.

The Morgedal mattress is much cheaper than other memory foam mattresses  on the market, but you get what you pay for with this product. Many users report the mattress loses its support and stability after extensive use but when used infrequently, such as in a guest room, reviewers were very satisfied with the bed.

Additionally, you can choose between a firm or medium-firm mattress, however, even the medium-firm mattress is very firm.

Unfortunately, the thinner design of this mattress is a drawback as heavier individuals won’t receive the support they need.

Overall, if you need a quality bed for your guest bedroom and many of your guests are light or average sleepers, the Morgedal mattress won’t break the bank and may be the right product for you.

What to Look for in a Foam Mattress:

Firmness: Firm mattresses are ideal for stomach sleepers who need to stay on top of the mattress throughout the night. Back sleepers should consider a medium-firm mattress, and side sleepers need a softer mattress to support their body’s natural curves.

Construction: Memory foam mattresses will vary in their construction. Consider products that are made from varying foam layers. Also, consider what properties each layer contains such as cooling-gels, support foam, etc.

Thickness: Thicker mattresses are ideal for heavier individuals. Mattresses less than 10-inches thick may not properly support large bodies and are ideal for lighter and average sleepers.

Durability: Look for memory foam mattresses made from high-quality materials. Low-quality materials and poor construction will shorten the lifespan of the mattress. A good memory foam mattress should last a minimum of eight years.

Warranty: The best warranties are 15 years or longer. However, most memory foam mattresses are only covered for 10 years. Although, regardless of the warranty’s coverage length, read through its policy to ensure it doesn’t include a long list of exclusions that void the warranty and make it useless.

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