Sleep Number beds are manufactured by Select Comfort, a public company. This company designs, markets, manufactures, and distributes its mattresses and is headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Sleep Number is best known for their adjustable mattresses, which allow you to change their support and firmness using a simple button. Sleep Number beds are especially popular with couples because they have dual air chambers (if you select a Queen size or larger). It’s also possible to select a Queen model with a single chamber, as well as smaller models with just one air chamber.

If you select a dual chamber model, the system allows you to adjust your preferred firmness level individually, making the beds suitable for partners with different comfort preferences. You can also adjust your side as your sleep preferences change, so you can have the perfect firmness level, every night.

The i8 mattress by Sleep Number is part of the company’s Innovation Series of mattresses. The bed offers a bit of everything, including a plush surface, cooling technology, pressure-relieving foam, and adjustability. Overall, user feedback suggests that although it takes some time to find the right firmness level, the i8 mattress can help with pain or tension and sleeps comfortably cool. In order to help you figure out whether the Sleep Number i8 is the best option for you, we’ve compiled all of the necessary information about the mattress.

4 Reasons To Pick The Sleep Number i8 Mattress:

  • You struggle with sleeping hot: Sleeping too hot is a common issue that can really disrupt your rest and lead to exhausted days. The Sleep Number i8 mattress uses cooling technology, like their Outlast® temperature balancing material, to keep you resting at a comfortable sleep temperature.
  • You suffer from pain or tension: If you’re one of the many Americans who struggle with pain or tension in your body, switching to the i8 mattress might help. It uses conforming foam to relieve pressure in your legs, torso, and neck and the adjustable design ensures that you can find your own customized comfort setting.
  • You can afford to splurge a bit: The i8 mattress is a luxury bed with a luxury price tag. While Sleep Number offers some budget-friendly models, the i8 will cost you a few grand. Make sure you can afford this investment before you consider this mattress further.
  • You sleep with a partner: Couples may find the Sleep Number i8 beneficial since it allows you to set separate firmness levels. It is made with dual air chambers, so you can each set the feel of the mattress to your individual preference. In addition, these dual air chambers help to minimize motion transfer to keep you resting peacefully, even if your partner is having a restless night.

Firmness & Support

The Sleep Number i8 mattress can be adjusted from a 4 (medium-soft) to a 6 (medium-firm) out of 10 firmness levels. The sleep number you choose will impact the amount of air in the chamber or chambers of your i8 mattress.

The higher your sleep number, the firmer the bed will be. Note that sleepers who are carrying some extra weight may want to choose a bed that is firmer than the i8 to ensure they get the support they need.


Sleep Number i8

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The i8 mattress is 13 inches high and comes with either one or two air chambers (this depends on which size you select). The Double, Queen, King, and California King all have two air chambers.

The Twin, Twin XL, and Full beds come with a single chamber, although you can also select a Queen bed with a single air chamber. The Queen size Sleep Number i8 is the only size that is available in both single and dual air chambers.

The air chambers inflate or deflate depending on the Sleep Number setting you choose, which will determine the firmness of the bed. These chambers are constructed with 24 gauge rubber and have a cotton coating on their exterior. They hook up to a hose and pump, which is how the air level is adjusted in the bed. Underneath the air chamber(s), there’s a base pad for stability and above the air chamber(s) is a 3-inch layer of foam for pressure relief. The Sleep Number i8 mattress uses a polyester blend fabric for softness and breathability.

The surface of the i8 model is a pillow top with a 2-inch layer of quilting foam to create a plush feel. Included in this pillow top is the company’s Outlast® material, designed to promote airflow and reduce heat buildup.

Sleep Number offers Sleep IQ Technology with their i8 mattress. This feature tracks your sleep patterns through your favorite wellness apps and helps you find your ideal Sleep Number Setting.

Temperature Regulation & Motion Isolation

The Sleep Number i8 mattress sleeps fairly cool, according to users. The bed is decent at isolating motion, although some motion disturbance is noticeable when one partner gets out of bed. Since the air chambers meet in the middle, shifting air or pressure from either chamber can cause a bit of motion disturbance throughout the bed. But this shouldn’t be an issue unless you or your partner is an exceptionally light sleeper.

Keep in mind that an i8 model with two air chambers instead of one will transfer motion far less than a model with a single air chamber.


The Sleep Number i8 mattress isn’t bouncy at all. The bed adjusts to you while you sleep using the Sleep IQ technology. Although there is some cradling present due to the foam layers in this bed, you don’t sink too far into it due to the air chambers beneath the foam.

Eco-Friendliness & Smell

Eco-friendliness refers to how sustainable a mattress is as far as manufacturing processes and the materials themselves. The eco-friendliness of the i8 mattress by Sleep Number is a bit unclear. While the Sleep Number website states that the manufacturer uses foam in the construction process, it doesn’t indicate any certifications for the foams or air chamber materials.

Users report that the Sleep Number i8 mattress doesn’t have an off-gassing (chemical) odor. Since many mattresses come with a strong smell that takes days or weeks to fade, this is a definite plus.


If you’re looking for a budget-friendly mattress, you may want to choose something other than the Sleep Number i8. This mattress currently costs $3,599 (although this may vary if there’s a sale). You can add an optional FlexFit adjustable base to your purchase, which will cost more.

Sleep Trial Period & Warranty

Sleep Number offers a 100-night In-Home Trial Period for their beds. Since your body can take up to 30 days to adjust to a new bed, the company requires that you try it for at least that long before deciding whether it’s right for you.

If you’re not satisfied with your Sleep Number i8 mattress after 30 nights, you can arrange to return it. Note that return and shipping fees will apply if you decide to return the bed.

Sleep Number offers a 25-year limited warranty with their i8 mattress. If the bed has a defect covered under this warranty, the company will repair or replace it for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

With any important purchase, it’s crucial to get all the facts so you end up with a product you’re pleased with. Here are some frequently asked questions regarding the Sleep Number i8 mattress:

Q: How do I clean the surface of my Sleep Number i8 bed?
A: When you want to clean your i8 mattress, spot clean it with a gentle detergent and use warm water. Don’t saturate the fabric or dry clean the mattress cover as this can lead to shrinking and damage. Allow the mattress surface to dry completely before you put sheets on it.

Q: How do I find my Sleep Number setting?
A: You can adjust your personal Sleep Number setting with either a downloadable app or the included remote. Start by lying on your bed, then press the side button to select the right side of the bed. Go to the menu, then settings. In the settings section, select “Find Your Sleep Number” and follow the instructions to find the right setting. It may take you some time to find your ideal number.

Q: Will switching to the i8 mattress help my back pain?
A: Users have reported success with improving their back pain once they switched to the Sleep Number i8 mattress. Just keep in mind that your body will take some time to adjust to your new mattress. If you notice that your back pain is the same, even after getting a new i8 mattress, give it some time. Customers state that it can take some time to find your ideal Sleep Number, but that the i8 mattress can have a significant impact on relieving pain and tension.

Q: What does the i8 model offer that other Sleep Number mattresses don’t?
A: Sleep Number offers a lot of different models and the i8 has a specific set of features that will work perfectly for one person and not so great for another. People who struggle with sleeping hot or have back pain may find the i8 mattress especially beneficial. This mattress is also a good option for couples since it offers dual air chambers with separate, adjustable firmness levels.

Guide: What To Look For in a Customizable Air Bed:

Adjustable beds come with their own unique set of considerations to make. Here are some factors to keep in mind when you’re shopping for an adjustable bed:

  • Your comfort preference: While there are general guidelines to consider when it comes to mattress shopping, the best way to determine a good fit is how comfortable it is for you. Mattresses like the Sleep Number i8 could be a good choice for people who aren’t sure how firm they want their bed to be. Instead of being stuck with a single firmness level, as you would be with another bed, you can experiment and find what you prefer.
  • User reviews: When you’re shopping online, you can’t test out a product for yourself before you make a purchase. Reading over user reviews may be the closest you can get to testing out a mattress before you buy it. Try to find a mattress that has mostly positive feedback from a company that’s been around for long enough to have an established presence. If you want a reliable bed, you’re better off steering clear of brand new companies without a proven track record.
  • Longevity: Adjustable beds are expensive, so you’ll want to make sure yours will stand the test of time. Opting for a heavy-duty mattress that will last you for years will save you lots of hassle down the road. Check out the maximum weight allowance of the mattress you’re interested in to make sure it can properly support you. In addition, always follow maintenance and care instructions carefully to help the materials of the mattress last as long as possible.

Final Verdict

Overall, the Sleep Number i8 mattress could be a suitable option for people who have the dough to spend and are determined to find the perfect level of firmness. It may be a good choice for back sleepers since it provides a balanced level of support and plushness for your spine in this sleep position.

Although finding your ideal Sleep Number will likely take some time, it could make all the difference for easing pain and tension in your body. Users report that the beds sleep cool, help with body tension, and feel very comfortable once you find the right sleep number. Note that some customers had to have parts of their i8 mattress replaced after a few years.

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