If you have a down comforter, you probably have a duvet cover. After all, duvet covers offer many benefits to you including:

  1. Easy and inexpensive addition of color and designs for your plain white comforter.
  2. Protect the comforter from stains.
  3. Keep the comforter in good condition for long time.

Putting on a duvet cover can be a real struggle. If you have ever tried to put one on you know how frustrating it can be to fully cover the comforter while avoiding the comforter bunching up on one side. Follow these steps to put your duvet cover on with ease.

Basic Considerations

Before you get a duvet cover for your comforter, make sure you get the right duvet cover. The most important consideration is the size of the comforter to the size of the duvet cover.

If the duvet cover is too big or too small for the comforter, putting it on will be difficult or impossible. Picking the right size duvet cover is key to ensuring an easy time putting the duvet cover on.

Check out this video to get a good idea how to put on a duvet cover easily before reading this step by step guide:

Steps to Putting a Duvet Cover on Properly

  1. Lay your comforter out on the bed. Lay it as flat as possible with no folds.
  2. Turn you duvet cover inside out. At this point, if the cover has ties, tie the inner-most ties to two corners of the comforter.
  3. Reach inside the inside-out duvet cover and grab the two corners of the comforter.
  4. While holding the corners tight, raise the comforter up and shake your arms so the cover will slowly cover the entire comforter. You can use a partner to help pull the comforter through the duvet cover.
  5. Secure the comforter in place by closing the duvet cover with the zipper or other closure device.
  6. Spread the comforter in the duvet cover over your bed and fluff as necessary.

Special Considerations

Before you attempt to put a cover on your comforter, you may want to do the following first.

Clean Your Comforter or Duvet Cover: Before you go through the process, make sure your items are clean. For tricks to cleaning your comforter, check out this article.

Fluff Your Comforter: Make sure you comforter is free of clumps and bunching before you try to insert it in the duvet cover. This will help ensure it does not become a problem once inside.

Consider A Duvet Cover With Ties: Ties can help ensure the comforter does not bunch during sleep. If you tend to toss and turn and pull your covers as you sleep, ties can help ensure that you don’t inadvertently bunch up your comforter.


Duvet covers can add a great style to your plain comforter, but putting them on can be a pain. If you have struggled in the past, follow the steps in this article to help get your duvet cover on with minimal issues.

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