Our number one pick from the Stearns & Foster range is the Lux Estate Hybrid Collection, which offers the best features of both innerspring and foam mattresses. Our runner-up pick is their Estate Collection, which provides a more budget option to suit a wide range of sleepers, while still offering some luxury materials.

Stearns & Foster currently sell hybrid mattress divided into four different collections, designed to suit a range of budgets and sleep preferences.

Their mattresses differ in height depending on the mattress, often measuring between 13 and 17.5 inches in height, which places them at an above-average height for industry standards. For this reason, a low-profile frame or foundation may be best to avoid your bed being too high.

At A Quick Glance – The Stearns & Foster Mattress Collections:

Stearns & Foster are a division of Tempur-Sealy, offering hybrid mattresses designed to provide a high-quality, luxury mattress to suit sleepers of all preferences. The company has four collections, each designed to suit different sleep styles and requirements:

  • The Estate Collection is their most budget-friendly option, designed with a top layer of memory foam with a pocketed coil support core.
  • The Lux Estate Collection adds hand-tufting and a Pillowtop Support™ Layer to the Estate design for a plusher, more luxurious feel.
  • The Lux Estate Hybrid Collection includes comfort memory foam and gel-infused foam layers for added cooling, with an innovative innerspring support core inside.
  • The Reserve Collection is the most expensive collection in the range and adds an innovative ‘Hybrid Pillowtop’ to the mattress design, as well as a Pillowtop Support™ Layer for added comfort and luxuriousness.

Stearns & Foster Estate Collection: Budget Option

Stearns & Foster Estate Collection

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What We Like:

  • Great price point
  • Excellent breathability
  • Adapts to body movement

What We Don’t Like:

  • No pillowtop for added comfort

The Stearns & Foster Estate Collection is the most budget-friendly option out of the four collections, designed to adjust to body movement to provide a high level of support and adaptive comfort.

Key Features:

  • PrimaCool performance fabric with Tencel
  • Advanced Adapt Foam
  • IntelliCoil Advanced technology
  • PrecisionEdge System
  • S&F Air Vents


IntelliCoil Advanced technology forms the support core in all four mattress collections. Constructed with both an outer and inner coil, this innovative design provides superior support that is designed to adapt to the weight and shape of any body.

What’s more, the innerspring system helps air to flow through the mattresses, making these hybrid designs less likely to sleep hot, unlike traditional memory foam mattresses.

Advanced Adapt Foam

All four mattress collections feature a layer of Advanced Adapt Foam, which uses a specialised formula that adapts to the movement of your body for better durability, support, and comfort.

PrecisionEdge System

The PrecisionEdge System is designed to provide enhanced edge support, evenly distributing your weight across the mattress, so there’s no chance of you rolling off the side or into the middle. This is achieved with a system of miniature coils that go all the way to the edge of the mattress, for durable support and added breathability.

The Estate Collection is Stearns & Foster’s most economical choice, and the Queen-size mattress starts at $1,499. The mattress is also available in a range of sizes, from Twin to California King and a split version.

Stearns & Foster Lux Estate Collection: Added Comfort

Stearns & Foster Lux Estate Collection

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What We Like:

  • Excellent breathability
  • Adaptive support
  • Cooling memory foam
  • Added comfort from a pillowtop layer

What We Don’t Like:

  • Large jump in price from the Estate Collection

Key Features:

  • PrimaCool Performance fabric with Tencel
  • Pillowtop Support layer
  • Hand tufted
  • Advanced Adapt foam
  • IntelliCoil Advanced technology
  • PrecisionEdge System
  • S&F Air Vents

The Lux Estate Collection from Stearns & Foster is at the same price point as their Lux Hybrid Collection but differs in its construction.

It includes the same layer of Adaptive Foam as the Estate Collection with the IntelliCore Advanced support core and also features the same air vents and PrecisionEdge system as the Estate Collection, adding to the excellent support the mattress provides and increased breathability.

Unique to the Lux Estate collection, however, is the Pillowtop Support layer and hand tufting.

Pillowtop Support Layer

The innovative Pillowtop Support layer that features in both the Lux Estate and Reserve Collections uses micro coils in its construction to provide a durable support layer that will last for years without sagging. The layer is designed to conform to the body as you sleep, providing a comfortable and highly supportive sleep surface that will stand the test of time.

Hand Tufting

Hand-tufted mattresses are made by pinning mattress fillings to the surface and then running them through the mattress to the springs in the core. The result of the process is a tightly packed mattress that provides even weight distribution when laid upon.

The biggest benefits of hand tufting are that the mattress will hold its shape better, provide improved back support with less sagging, and long-lasting comfort.

In terms of pricing, the Lux Estate Collection is a fairly high jump from the more budget-friendly Estate Collection, with a Queen-size mattress starting at $2,499. The Lux Estate Hybrid Collection is priced the same, so some buyers may be more inclined to go with the company’s basic hybrid model.

Stearns & Foster Lux Estate Hybrid Collection: Balanced Comfort and Support

Stearns & Foster Lux Estate Hybrid Collection

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What We Like:

  • Combines the best of memory foam and innerspring design
  • Added breathability with a gel foam layer
  • Same price as Lux Estate Collection

What We Don’t Like:

  • Not designed for those who prefer memory foam mattresses

Key Features:

  • PrimaCool LuxStretch Performance fabric with Tencel
  • PrimaCool Elite gel memory foam with cooling material
  • Advanced Adapt foam
  • IntelliCoil Advanced technology
  • PrecisionEdge System
  • S&F Air Vents

The Lux Estate Hybrid Collection is the only collection from Stearns & Foster to actually have the word ‘hybrid’ in its name, despite the fact that all collections feature a hybrid design with coils and foam layers. This collection is half-foam, half-spring in its construction, with added features to provide a perfect combination of comfort, cooling, and support.

The Lux Estate Hybrid features the company’s IntelliCoil Advanced pocketed coil innerspring technology, which is then topped with two layers of memory foam: the Adaptive Foam layer, and a layer of PrimaCool Elite gel memory foam.

PrimaCool Elite Gel Memory Foam with Cooling Material

The Lux Estate Hybrid Collection stands out from the Lux Estate Collection due to its inclusion of a proprietary layer of PrimaCool Elite gel memory foam with cooling material. The gel and cooling material are designed to help wick excess heat away from the body to create a cooler sleeping environment, while the memory foam contours to the body for added comfort and full-body support.

For the quality of its materials, the Lux Estate Hybrid is fairly priced, with a Queen-size starting at $2,499 – the same price as the Lux Estate Collection. This collection also comes in sizes from Twin to California King.

Stearns & Foster Reserve Collection: Luxury Option

Stearns & Foster Reserve Collection

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What We Like:

  • Hybrid Pillowtop for exceptional comfort, support, and adaptability
  • Enhanced cooling with gel foam and air vents

What We Don’t Like:

  • High-end price not an option for everyone
  • So many features make for a confusing construction

Key Features:

  • PrimaCool LuxStretch performance fabric with Tencel
  • Hybrid Pillowtop
  • PrimaSense gel foam or Smart Align latex
  • Pillowtop support
  • Advanced Adapt foam
  • IntelliCoil Advanced technology
  • PrecisionEdge System
  • S&F Air Vents

The Stearns & Foster Reserve Collection is their most luxurious option, with a price to match. If budget is no issue when choosing your mattress, the Reserve Collection includes some great features to provide a premium sleep experience.

Hybrid Pillowtop

One of the most innovative features included exclusively in the Reserve Collection is the Hybrid Pillowtop. This layer uses a specially-engineered Nano Comfort Layer, which consists of thousands of “nano coils” between layers of memory foam, creating a surface that provides total support without the sagging that often occurs with traditional pillowtops.

PrimaSense Gel Foam or Smart Align Latex

The Reserve Collection comes with the option to include a layer of either PrimaSense gel foam or Smart Align latex.

  • PrimaSense Gel Foam Option: The PrimaSense Gel Foam layer is designed to provide a cool sleep surface, with adaptive memory foam designed to cradle the body for added comfort and pressure point relief.
  • Smart Align Latex Option: The latex option has an open-cell structure that is designed to conform to the body while resisting compression, with a much faster response time than its memory foam counterpart.

If you tend to sleep hot, the open-cell structure of the SmartAlign latex provides a breathable sleep surface that allows air to pass easily through the mattress, so this is definitely worth bearing in mind when choosing between the two.

Overall, if you are a more active sleeper and appreciate a fast response time when sleeping, you may prefer the Smart Align latex layer, whereas those who prefer a more contouring, hugging feel may prefer the PrimaSense option.

Other Features

As well as these innovative features unique to the Reserve Collection, the mattresses also include:

  • The Advanced Adapt memory foam layer
  • Pillowtop support layer
  • Hand tufting
  • The IntelliCoil innerspring system
  • PrecisionEdge system
  • Air vents

The Reserve Collection is the top of the line for Stearns & Foster, featuring their very best technology for the ultimate comfort, support, and adaptability. Prices start from $3,499 for a Queen-size mattress, with sizes available from Twin to California King.

Additional Facts About Stearns & Foster Mattresses:

PrimaCool Performance Fabric Cover & PrimaCool LuxStretch Performance Fabric

The Estate Collection and the Lux Estate Collection are both covered with a proprietary PrimaCool performance fabric, made from eco-friendly materials including Tencel, which has moisture-wicking properties and is often used for athletic goods.

The Lux Estate Hybrid and the Reserve Collection are covered with a PrimaCool LuxStretch performance fabric, which also features Tencel fibres, providing a highly breathable, durable, and comfortable sleep surface.


Each collection offered by Stearns & Foster is available in a range of firmness options, including:

  • Firm
  • Plush
  • Extra Plush

The Plush and Extra Plush options include the Euro Pillowtop for a softer feel. Stearns & Foster mattresses are available at exclusive retailers, so you should be able to select the correct comfort level for you after you have chosen what collection you want.

Motion Transfer

The hybrid nature of the Stearns & Foster collections means all mattresses score highly by customers when it comes to motion transfer.

The individually wrapped pocketed coil system is designed to evenly distribute body weight and adapt to body movement, helping to minimise motion between partners. What’s more, the memory foam layers provide conforming support, isolating motion between you and your partner for an undisturbed night’s sleep.

Temperature Regulation

All four Stearns & Foster collections include air vents around the mattress to allow air to flow through it and provide a cooler sleep surface.

What’s more, the Lux Estate and the Reserve collections feature additional features for even better breathability. The Lux Estate collection has a layer of PrimaCool Elite gel memory foam with cooling materials to help wick excess heat away from the body and regulate temperature better, while the Reserve Collection features PrimaSense gel foam to create a cooler sleeping environment.

Additionally, the PrimaCool performance Tencel fabric that covers the mattresses has excellent moisture-wicking properties, helping to provide a cool and comfortable surface as you sleep.


Stearns & Foster recommend using their mattresses with a low-profile foundation or bed frame, with additional support in the centre to prevent the mattress from sagging.

They also recommend rotating your mattress on a regular basis, to refresh its performance and avoid body indentations forming in the mattress.


Stearns & Foster are a premium mattress company and the prices reflect the quality of their products. Even the Estate Collection, their most budget-friendly option, is at the higher end of market mattress prices.

That being said, these hybrid mattresses do feature some high-end, innovative features that you won’t see everywhere. Particularly with regards to the Reserve Collection, you’re paying for a premium, luxury product.

Warranty & Trial Period

Stearns & Foster do not offer a sleep trial period on any of their products. However, as the mattresses are available via third-party retailers, you may find that the retailer offers their own trial period when you buy the mattress.

Tempur-Sealy does, however, offer a 10-year limited warranty on all Stearns & Foster products.

Final Verdict

Stearns & Foster excel at offering a high-quality, premium collection of hybrid mattresses with a range of innovative features, designed to add the ideal levels of support, comfort, and adaptability.

However, the mattresses do suffer when it comes to customer ratings, due to their heavier weight, taller height, and high-end prices that come with this kind of premium product. If you have a higher budget to spend, the Reserve collection provides an upscale product with advanced features, but this may not be the best option for you if you want a quality product at great value for money.

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