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leesa mattress

Leesa Mattress

Claim Discount$100 OFFNectar Mattress

Nectar Mattress

Claim Discount$125 OFF + 2 Free PillowsCasper Mattress

Casper Mattress

Claim Discount$50 OFF

All Mattress Student Discounts at a Glance

Below we have collected all discounts for students we could find. Not all deals are specifically targeted to students but they still offer a great discount on the normal price.

Purple Mattress Logo

Purple Mattress

Claim Discount50% OFF Mattress Protectorbrooklyn bedding logo

Brooklyn Bedding Mattress

Claim Discount$50 OFF + Free Pillowcocoon by sealy logo

Cocoon Mattress By Sealy

Claim Discount$75 OFFluxisleep logo

Luxi Sleep Mattress

Claim Discount$250 OFF + Free Pillownovosbed logo

Novosbed Mattress

Claim Discount$100 OFFghostbed logo

Ghostbed Mattress

Claim Discount$100 OFF + Mattress Protectoreightsleep logo

Eight Sleep Mattress

Claim Discountup to $200 OFFlull logo

Lull Mattress

Claim Discount$50 OFFamerisleep logo

Amerisleep Mattress

Claim Discount$200 OFF

How to chose the best Mattress for Students

When buying a new mattress for your dorm room or for your room at home it is important to get the right mattress for your sleeping position. The best mattress supports your spine, shoulders and hips to assure proper alignment.

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