Our favorite option from Novaform is the EssentialLuxe™ Gel Memory Foam, which may present a solution to hot sleeping. Our second favorite pick is the Novaform Comfort Grande
EVENcor GelPlus Memory Foam Mattress, which is made with quality materials and has an affordable price.

Novaform is a memory foam mattress manufacturer backed by over 15 years of sleep science. Their foams are made in the USA and the company offers 3-day delivery if you’re in a hurry to receive your new mattress. Novaform beds come in a wide range of firmness ratings and models to suit different sleep preferences.

These beds absorb motion well, which makes them a good choice for couples, and they also have an above-average lifespan. Compared to other memory foam mattresses, Novaform beds are affordable and come with a 20-year warranty.

These mattresses come in five different sizes, although select models might not be available in every size.

BEFORE WE START: What We Look For In A Good Mattress

As with any other purchase, there are a number of unique factors to consider when you’re shopping for a new mattress. Let’s look at these below:

  • Temperature Regulation – Your sleep temperature has a large impact on how well you’ll sleep at night. Feeling too hot is a common sleep complaint and can cause you to toss and turn and eventually wake up exhausted. A mattress with cooling technology will help prevent this, especially if you want a memory foam mattress, as this material retains heat more than others. Open-cell foam and charcoal infusion are a couple of examples of cooling features found in modern mattresses.
  • User Feedback – If you can’t test out the mattress yourself, how do you know you’re making a good choice? User reviews and feedback can help with this, showing you how long you can expect the bed to last, what issues you might run into with the manufacturer, and more. Taking this information into account will help you make an informed purchase you won’t regret.
  • Motion Isolation – Motion isolation refers to how well your mattress absorbs vibration to prevent your partner’s movements from disturbing you. If you sleep with a partner, a memory foam mattress like a Novaform bed could be a good choice, as memory foam is better at isolation motion than other mattress materials.

#1 – Best Budget Novaform Mattress- The 14″ Comfort Grande
 EVENcor GelPlus Memory Foam Mattress

Novaform 14 inches Comfort Grande
 EVENcor GelPlus Memory Foam Mattress

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The Comfort Grande EVENcor GelPlus Memory Foam mattress by Novaform is an affordable model by the company. It provides medium support, which should suit you regardless of your body type and default sleep position.

What We Liked:

  • Cooling technology
  • Relieves pressure
  • Strong, durable core
  • Doesn’t require flipping

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Heavy and hard to move

The EVENcor GelPlus Memory Foam mattress is built to last with an 8-inch base made from dense foam. The mattress uses a three-layer design and has a medium-firm feel. The foams used in this bed have been CertiPUR-US® certified, suggesting that they’re free from harmful amounts of toxic chemicals.

Contouring Pressure Relief

The Comfort Grande EVENcor GelPlus Memory Foam mattress alleviates pressure points and can potentially help with back pain or tension. The unique foam combination used feels comfortable immediately and won’t get too soft when it’s hot or too stiff when it’s cold, like other memory foam can.

A Cool Sleep Experience

This mattress has an AdaptiCool® cover that wicks away moisture and has a breathable design. The top layer of the bed is a 3-inch layer of cooling gel memory foam that won’t make you overheat. Under that is a layer of support foam that encourages airflow with air channels, which help to disperse heat.

Good for Couples

This mattress has a virtually silent design, as it’s made without any coils. Its memory foam layers also isolate motion very well, making it a suitable option for people with restless partners or pets.

Our Verdict

The Comfort Grande EVENcor GelPlus Memory Foam mattress is a good entry-level Novaform bed, as it has a very affordable price tag and a medium-firm design, which suits a wide range of sleepers.

It comes with a 20-year limited warranty and is vacuum packed for convenient transport and delivery. It’s also easy to maintain, as it doesn’t require flipping or rotating.

#2 – Best Firm Novaform Mattress- The 14″ Serafina Pearl Firm Gel Memory Foam Mattress

Novaform 14 inches Serafina Pearl Firm Gel Memory Foam Mattress

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The Serafina Pearl Firm Gel Memory Foam mattress provides a luxurious, cool sleep experience and a firm sleep surface. This extra-thick mattress is also available in Plush and Medium models for people who want something a bit less firm.

What We Liked:

  • Cooling technology
  • Available in 3 firmness levels
  • Stable, supportive base
  • May relieve pressure points

What We Didn’t Like:

  • May sag after a while

The Serafina Pearl Firm Gel Memory Foam mattress by Novaform has a responsive middle layer that comfortably supports your body. It uses ComfortLuxe® Gel Pearls, a proprietary cooling technology, and is said to sleep twice as cool as ordinary memory foam.

Good for Couples

The Serafina Pearl Firm mattress uses LURAcor™, a unique foam that pushes back against your body weight for customized support. It is reported to be good for couples, as it responds individually to you and your partner for unique weight distribution.

Another feature that makes it good for people with partners is its effective motion isolation, which memory foam beds tend to excel at.

Quality, Environmentally-friendly Materials

The Serafina Pearl mattress uses three foam layers to help minimize pressure and help you fall asleep faster. It has a 9-inch base layer for superior stability and support. All of the foams in the bed are made here in the USA and are CertiPUR-US® certified. This certification tests for harmful levels of heavy metals, formaldehyde, and other potential toxins.

Convenient to Set Up and Care for

This mattress by Novaform is vacuum-packaged, which makes the transport and delivery processes easy. It’s also simple to set up, use, and care for, as it doesn’t require rotation or flipping.

Our Verdict

The Serafina Pearl mattress uses a three-layer design and has a firm feel. Firm mattresses are suitable for stomach and back sleepers, as they keep the pelvis in line with the spine for a healthy sleep posture. The bed has a cooling, moisture-wicking cover to keep you resting comfortably and comes with a 20-year limited warranty. Note that some users report that the center of the bed begins to sag after a few months.

#3 – Best Soft Novaform Mattress- The 14″ Serafina Pearl Plush Gel Memory Foam Mattress

Novaform 14 inches Serafina Pearl Plush Gel Memory Foam Mattress

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Soft mattresses may be a good choice for side sleepers, as they comfortably cushion the hips and shoulders in this position. Soft beds also work well for lightweight sleepers since a lower body weight means they won’t sink in too far and can stay properly supported. The Serafina Pearl Plush Gel Memory Foam mattress has a soft and luxurious feel.

What We Liked:

  • Cooling technology
  • Responsive middle layer
  • May relieve pressure points
  • Easy to set up and care for

What We Didn’t Like:

  • May feel too soft for some

The Serafina Pearl mattress has a high-performance cover that wicks away moisture to keep the bed fresh. It uses a three-layer design that provides contouring support and relieves pressure in your body while you rest.

Plush, Soft Comfort

The Serafina Pearl Plush Gel Memory Foam mattress uses LURAcor® Air Channel foam, a proprietary material that adds plush softness to the top of the mattress. This foam flexes and contours to your unique body shape and provides customized support for you and your partner.

A Cool Sleep Experience

The Serafina Plush mattress uses ComfortLuxe® Gel Pearl technology, which helps disperse heat to keep you resting at a neutral temperature. It also has air channels in the foam to promote airflow and prevent heat from building up and is reported to sleep up to two times cooler than other memory foam mattresses.

Safe for the Environment and You

The foams used in the Serafina Plush Gel Memory Foam mattress can potentially minimize tossing and turning and are CertiPUR-US® certified. This certification checks the materials for harmful levels of ozone depleters and other toxic chemicals.

Our Verdict

The Plush Serafina model by Novaform isolates motion well and is virtually silent, making it a good choice for people who sleep with a partner or pet. It comes with a 20-year limited warranty to protect your purchase.

#4 – Best Novaform Mattress For Hot Sleepers- The 14″ EssentialLuxe Gel Memory Foam Mattress

Novaform 14 inches EssentialLuxe Gel Memory Foam Mattress

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If you struggle with waking up sweaty in the night, you should switch to a mattress with cooling features. The EssentialLuxe™ Gel Memory Foam bed by Novaform uses a responsive support foam that doesn’t retain heat like other types of foam.

What We Liked:

  • Works for all sleep positions
  • Easy to move around on
  • Supportive, resilient materials
  • Machine washable cover

What We Didn’t Like:

  • More expensive than other models

The EssentialLuxe™ mattress by Novaform provides cool comfort with its top layer of gel memory foam. The other foam layers in the bed maximize pressure point relief and allow you to fully relax.

Medium-Soft Design

If you like a plush feel to your mattress but also need a bit of firmness, a medium-soft bed could work well for you. Medium-soft mattresses are best for people who don’t weigh much or who sleep on their side. In the side sleeping position, the weight of your body is concentrated in a small area (the hips and shoulders), making a softer surface more comfortable.

Removable, Washable Cover

Many mattresses come with covers that don’t come off and require spot cleaning. The EssentialLuxe™ Gel Memory Foam mattress, on the other hand, has a removable cover that’s easy to wash and dry.

Easy to Change Positions

While some memory foam beds are hard to switch positions on and make you feel stuck, the EssentialLuxe™ bed uses LURAcor™ support foam. This material has a responsive feel that doesn’t let you sink in too far, so you can switch positions easily and not get too hot.

Our Verdict

The EssentialLuxe™ mattress by Novaform is a medium-soft bed with four layers for a luxurious sleep. The cover is easy to remove, so you can wash and dry it in the machine. This mattress should work well for couples, as it absorbs motion well, and it comes with a 20-year limited warranty.

Other Factors You Should Consider When Buying A Novaform Mattress

When it comes to buying a new mattress, you should keep a few factors in mind to ensure you make a good purchase. Let’s look at some of these key considerations below:

Sleep Position

The sleeping position you favor is important to consider when you’re mattress shopping. Since different sleep positions concentrate your body weight in different areas, they will require different firmness levels. Although personal taste should be the ultimate deciding factor for which type of mattress you select, it’s helpful to follow these general guidelines for which type of bed will best suit your sleep position:

  • Stomach sleepers: Stomach sleepers will do best with a firmer mattress. When sleeping on your stomach, your pelvis takes on most of your body weight. If your mattress is too soft, it can cause your hips to sink too far into the bed, causing lower back pain from the unnatural curve in your spine.
  • Back sleepers: Back sleepers can choose according to their comfort preference because how firm a bed will feel depends on their body weight. If you aren’t sure what you prefer, a medium-firm or firm bed is a safe bet that suits a wide range of sleep preferences and body types.
  • Side sleepers: Side sleepers will usually do better on a softer mattress. When sleeping on your side, your body weight is concentrated in the hips and shoulders. With a plush mattress, these pressure points are comfortably and properly cushioned.
  • Combination sleepers: Combination sleepers use more than one of the sleep positions mentioned above and switch positions throughout the night. This type of sleeper will do best on a medium-firm mattress, as these are designed to feel comfortable in all sleep positions.

Body Weight

Your body type and weight are also worth thinking about when you’re shopping for a new mattress. The more you weigh, the softer your mattress will feel because you’ll sink further into it. A heavy person might experience a firm mattress as much softer than someone of a lighter weight.

As a general rule, lightweight sleepers should sleep on soft or medium-soft beds, average weight sleepers medium-firm beds, and heavy sleepers should choose a firm mattress.

The Break-in Period

Your memory foam mattress might not feel comfortable immediately after you buy it. Since memory foam supports you in a different way than other mattresses, your body might require a few nights to adjust to it. This is why most manufacturers require that you test your bed out for at least 30 days before deciding whether to return it.

Final Words and Verdict

Overall, Novaform is a reputable memory foam mattress company with a good track record. They offer affordable mattresses and a decent variety when it comes to firmness levels and features. Users report that the edges aren’t very supportive but that the mattresses are good at isolating motion. Before selecting a Novaform mattress, you should make sure you like the feel of memory foam, as it’s a very specific type of bed that not everyone likes.

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