Choosing the right mattress makes all the difference between a restful night or waking up grumpy, irritable and sore. Mattresses are designed for individuals of a specific size and weight, for common sleeping positions and even health issues.

The Lull Mattress is for the average individual who is looking for the right level of comfort and firmness in a memory foam mattress.

This memory foam mattress is on the firmer side but is still plenty soft for side sleepers who need a softer mattress. If you share a bed with your partner, this product’s excellent motion isolation prevents disrupted sleep cycles due to your partner’s wiggles and nighttime movement.

It also provides therapeutic support, so your body wakes up feeling refreshed and ready to take on the day. The Lull mattress comes with a shorter warranty than many comparable products and you will need to give it plenty of time to fully expand to reap its full benefits.

However, once it is set up and ready to go, if you are not a heavy individual, and you are looking for a mattress with plenty of support and comfort no matter your sleeping position, the Lull mattress may be worth your time.

You Might Want To Pick The Lull Mattress If:

  • You want a mattress that is medium firm: The Lull is a medium-firm mattress. It provides a thick 7-inch base layer that provides plenty of support, particularly if you share the bed with your partner or even large dogs.
  • You want a mattress that keeps you cool: The top layer of this memory foam mattress is infused with a cooling gel that keeps your body temperature regulated throughout the night. Additionally, the cover of this mattress is breathable, allowing heat to filter away from your body.
  • You need joint relief: The top layer of this mattress is a comforting layer, meaning it conforms to your body, placing pressure on your stronger joints and relieving your weaker ones. Furthermore, the middle layer on this mattress provides spinal support, which keeps your spine aligned throughout the night, no matter your sleeping position.
  • You want an eco-friendly mattress: While the Lull isn’t a plant-based mattress, it is still CertiPUR-US® Certified. This means this mattress does not have a trace of mercury, lead or other heavy metals, and it is not made with formaldehyde.
  • You sleep with a partner: With its excellent motion isolation, you don’t have to worry about your partner moving in the night and waking you up.

Side, back and stomach sleepers will find just the right amount of comfort and support with the Lull mattress. This is because the mattress is comprised from three layers of premium memory foam. When combined, these three layers offer good support and universal comfort.

This mattress is a medium-firm mattress, meaning it provides plenty of firmness but still has an ample amount of cushion. Many users report this mattress is a little too firm for side sleepers and can take some time to get used to its cushy, yet firm feel.

If you are trying to find a happy medium in a mattress, you will be happy with the Lull. Some users reported that they got offered a free mattress topper which made the mattress a bit softer.

After adding the topper those users were very happy with the firmness of the Lull. Memory foam has quickly become one of the most popular materials in a high-quality mattress.

Originally developed for NASA, memory foam contours to your body to relieve pain and pressure and provide comfort for all sleeping positions.

It also regulates temperature so you can avoid overheating throughout the night. The Lull is no different. The three layers of foam on the Lull vary in thickness and contribute to the overall design and firmness of this mattress.

Pressure Relief – The Lull Provides Spinal Support For All Sleeping Positions

The Lull provides spinal support to help you sleep well and helps your body recover after long days of movement. In order to provide healthy spinal alignment to all sleepers, this mattress features a thick, 7-inch polyurethane foam base.

This support layer — the bottom layer of the mattress — prevents the mattress from sagging, ensuring optimal support. It also increases the longevity of your product, despite regular wear and tear.

Motion Isolation & Responsiveness – The Lull Mattress Isolates The Wiggles And Bounces Back To It’s Original Shape

If you sleep next to your partner throughout the night, you know how much their movement and wiggles can disrupt your own sleep. The Lull mattress isolates those movements and keeps the mattress stable and comfortable while you and your partner move.

The 7-inch base layer is made using responsive foam, which creates excellent motion isolation and ensures your partner doesn’t keep you up while changing sleeping positions or hopping out of the bed. However, the Lull mattress is not ideal for two heavy individuals.

The bed begins to lose its support, stability and comfort if the combined weight of sleepers, humans or animals, exceeds 500 pounds. Memory foam conforms and molds to your body as it heats up, which provides the support and comfort you need.

When it cools, it should quickly move back to its original shape, however, not all products do. Luckily, the Lull isn’t one of them.

When you hop off the bed, the Lull quickly responds and bounces back to its original shape. The Lull’s middle layer is comprised of proprietary foam, which gives the bed bounce and helps it respond to your movements.

Although, to ensure that bounce stays, you will want to rotate the bed at least every three to six months.

Temperature Regulation & Joint Support – The Lull Mattress Keeps You Cool And Well Supported

The top layer of the Lull is essential in the construction and design of the mattress. It cradles your body, which relieves pressure on your joints.

Instead of waking up sore and stiff each morning, the mattress contours to your body, supporting your weaker joints. In order to provide this support, the top layer on the Lull features a 1.5-inch gel-infused memory foam layer.

Additionally, staying cool is essential in receiving a restful night sleep and the Lull has many features to make this happen. The top gel-infused layer regulates body temperature. It absorbs and distributes your body heat, keeping you cool and comfortable.

As you sweat throughout the night, moisture becomes trapped around your body, making you feel extremely uncomfortable and disrupting your sleep.

The Lull doesn’t necessarily cool you down, but it doesn’t amplify the heat and cause excess sweat. Some users report that this mattress didn’t retain heat, particularly in warm environments, like other memory foam mattresses do.

In addition, to help regulate your temperature, the Lull ‘s mattress cover is breathable, which keeps you cool and prevents moisture from clinging to your body. It is made from ultra-premium fabrics and is also removable, so you can easily clean it if necessary.

Eco-Friendliness – The Lull Is Free From Harmful Chemicals

Even though the Lull is not a plant-based mattress, it has received eco-friendly certifications and has met several standards proving it is an eco-friendly product.

The Lull is CertiPUR-US® Certified. This certification means this mattress is made without ozone depleters and flame retardants. It does not contain mercury, lead or other heavy metals, and it is not made with formaldehyde.

Furthermore, many memory foam mattresses have a distinct smell of chemicals that requires several days of airing out. With the Lull, you don’t have to worry about funky smells that can ruin your first impressions of the mattress. Many consumers confirmed there was little smell as they unboxed this mattress.

Variations And Flexibility – The Lull Is Available In All Bed Sizes And For Most Bed Frames

Whether you are looking for a bed for just yourself or one to share with your partner, there are numerous options when it comes to the Lull mattress. It is available in all sizes from a twin to a California King. The weight of the mattress varies depending on the size of the product you choose, but it is not as heavy as similar products on the market.

The twin Lull mattress weighs 48 pounds, while the California King weighs up to 94 pounds. When you choose a bed mattress, you must also consider the bed’s frame. The wrong foundation can reduce your support, comfort, and could create a sagging mattress.

The Lull mattress works with a variety of bed supports including box springs, a slatted base, an adjustable bed and even a flat platform. If you do not want a bed foundation, you can also place this mattress directly on the floor and still receive optimal support.

Installation And Warranty – A 100-Day Trial And 10-Year Manufacturer Warranty Are Included

If you are worried about setting up your mattress and getting it ready for a full night’s sleep, you don’t need to worry with the Lull. When you purchase the Lull mattress, the product comes in a large box.

To set up the mattress, you simply carry the box to the room the mattress will reside, place the mattress on the bed foundation and unwrap it.

The mattress will expand on its own and takes approximately 24 to 48 hours before it is fully expanded. However, it will be partially expanded within five hours of unboxing it. Furthermore, the Lull includes a 100-night in-home trial. You can use the mattress for 100 days before you make any final decisions on whether to keep or return the Lull.

If you decide you do not like the mattress, a courier will pick up the mattress and you will receive a full refund from the company. Additionally, the Lull comes with a 10-year manufacturer warranty, which covers all defects. However, there are several exclusions to this warranty stated within the warranty policy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does the mattress have a smell / is there any off-gassing?

A: You will notice a distinct smell after unboxing the mattress. This smell may last for several days and you may need to air the mattress out before sleeping on it.

Q: Do I need to turn the mattress over periodically?

A: No, you should not flip the mattress over. However, you should rotate the mattress every three to six months.

Q: How do I clean the Lull mattress?

A: The mattress should be spot cleaned with mild soap and cold water.

Q: Can this mattress be used on the floor?

Yes, you can use the floor as your mattress’ foundation.

Q: Do I need to wait 48 hours before I can sleep on the mattress?

No, you can use the mattress right out of the box. However, it does require 24 to 48 hours before it fully expands and you receive its full support and comfort.

Q: If I don’t like the mattress, do I have to ship it back?

No, a courier will come to your home and pick up the mattress for you.

Our Verdict

If you are like goldilocks and looking for something not too hard and not too soft, the Lull may be the mattress you need. It provides ample support and relief for your joints, so you wake up feeling energized and ready to take on the day.

The temperature regulation and airflow of this mattress also dramatically increases its comfort and keeps you cool and content throughout the night.

This mattress could benefit from a longer warranty, and it is not ideal for heavier individuals, particularly if two heavy individuals sleep on the bed.

However, for average individuals with a variety of favorite sleeping positions, the Lull memory foam mattress is worth your consideration.

What We Look For In A Mattress With A Universal Comfort Level

  • Firmness: The firmness you need in a mattress will depend on your size and your sleeping positions. Heavier individuals should look for a firmer mattress, to ensure they receive the right amount of support for their larger body.Back sleepers and side sleepers need a product with a medium comfort level as mattresses that are too firm won’t conform to their body, while too soft won’t provide the support they need.Stomach sleepers need a firm mattress to ensure they have the proper support to keep their bodies correctly aligned. Mattresses that are too soft won’t provide enough spinal support throughout the night.
  • Construction: Memory foam mattresses are built on multiple layers of foam. Look for a mattress with a thick bottom layer, which provides the support and stability you desperately need.Additionally, look for top layers that provide temperature-regulating features, spinal support, breathability and comfort. However, keep in mind that the more layers, the softer the mattress becomes.
  • Thickness: Many memory foam mattresses vary from 6- to 14-inches thick. The bottom layer of the mattress is the thickest layer and is the support base. Each additional layer provides added comfort and softness to the mattress. Heavier individuals will want to consider mattresses with thicker bases as their bodies need more support throughout the night.
  • Airflow & Temperature Regulation: Some memory foam mattresses provide breathable layers, allowing heat to travel away from your body, keeping you cool. Mattress covers made from natural fabric blends are ideal and create optimal airflow.
  • Eco-Friendliness: Memory foam, as well as some common mattresses, can contain toxic chemicals that are dangerous for your health. Consider products that have received eco-friendly certifications and are free of polyurethane foam, flame retardants, formaldehyde and boric acid. Also, look for products that provide zero emissions and no off-gassing.
  • Durability: Look for products that are highly-rated and read customer reviews to ensure the mattress has held up for other customers. A good mattress should last at least 8 years.
  • Motion Isolation: Excellent motion isolation is important if you share a bed and want a full night sleep without disruptions. A good mattress will isolate you and your partner’s movements so you both can sleep through the night. For good motion isolation, you need a mattress that is stable and has a durable foundation.
  • Shipping Options: Some mattress come in a box that you must unravel and expand. Many of these products take a minimum of 24 hours before the mattress is fully expanded. Other companies may send delivery men to bring the mattress to your home.While this option may require little manual work on your part, some companies require that you are home before they will deliver the product. This means you may have to rearrange schedules, just to ensure someone is home for your mattress’ delivery.
  • Trial Period: Look for companies that offer an extended trial period such as 90 or 100 nights or more. If you don’t like the mattress within that time frame, you should be able to return the product at no additional cost and receive a full refund.
  • Warranty: Look for products that offer at least a 10-year warranty (some even go up to 20 years). Also, even though the warranty may be good, take the time to read through its exclusions and limitations. Some warranties might appear excellent, but the fine print might disclose many small details that will void it.


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