Here, we’ll learn more about how sleeping on the wrong mattress contributes to body pain and also look at a few mattresses offering a good mix of pressure relief, cushioning, and posture support. Our top pick is the Zenhaven Mattress by Saatva because of its luxury materials and great value.

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  1. Best Luxury Mattress: Zenhaven Mattress By Saatva
  2. Best Organic Hybrid Mattress: Avocado Green Mattress
  3. Best Gel-Infused Foam Mattress: PangeaBed Copper Mattress
  4. Best Cooling: Muse Mattress
  5. Best Memory Foam Mattress: Layla Sleep Copper-Infused Mattress

Best Luxury Mattress for Hip Pain: Zenhaven Mattress by Saatva

Zenhaven Mattress Review

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Why We Like It:

  • Constructed from luxurious, all-natural wool and latex
  • Breathable, moisture-wicking cotton cover doesn’t hold in heat
  • Less expensive than comparable luxury mattresses
  • Flippable design with dual firmness options
  • 120-day trial period
  • 20-year warranty

The Zenhaven mattress is one of the most affordable, eco-friendly luxury mattresses available. It’s constructed with layers of natural latex, wool, and cotton for comfort, plus its 2-in-1 flippable design gives the Zenhaven enough versatility to satisfy sleepers of all types.

You Might Want to Choose the Zenhaven Mattress if:

  • You want a luxurious, all-natural bed that resists dust, mold, and bacteria: Zenhaven’s Talalay latex contains no volatile organic compounds and is naturally hypoallergenic. A layer of organic wool wrapped in a soft cotton cover creates a “weightless” feeling of support for comfortable sleep.
  • You sleep hot and need a bed that encourages airflow: The open-cell structure of the Zenhaven’s latex allows air to circulate freely, which disperses excess body heat. The Zenhaven’s natural fibers wick away moisture and its firmness means your body is less likely to sink into the surface of the bed.
  • You sleep in multiple positions: The Zenhaven mattress has two built-in firmness options for your convenience. If you usually sleep on your back or side, you might prefer the Luxury Plush option, while stomach sleepers and heavier individuals might like the Gentle Firm side best.
  • You want a little more bang for your buck: Zenhaven’s natural materials and sturdy construction make it more durable than synthetic mattresses. It has a 20-year warranty and costs less than similar luxury mattresses.

Construction and Materials

The Zenhaven mattress is handcrafted in the US by Saatva and is one of the only online-only luxury mattress brands in the world. This 9-inch thick mattress arrives unboxed and is designed to be used with a solid platform base.

If you peek inside the Zenhaven, you’ll find four different layers sandwiched together to form two firmness options. Most customers seem to prefer the Luxury Plush side with its 1.5-inch layer of wool, which is perfect for back and side sleepers or those with light body frames.

Soft mattresses can potentially make back and hip problems worse, however, especially for heavier-than-average consumers. In this case, you might prefer the Gentle Firm side, composed of a 1.5-inch layer of Talalay latex over a supportive core made from two 3-inch layers of latex foam. The whole mattress is wrapped in a soft quilted cover, made from breathable organic cotton.


As mentioned above, the Zenhaven has two firmness options that appeal to different needs. The wool layer on the Luxury Plush side is quite soft and compresses under the weight of a hand, so, with more pressure or weight, the consumer will feel the responsiveness typical of latex starting to kick in.

On the gentle-firm side, there’s no wool cushion, so you’ll notice less give when pressing on the mattress, though it’s still supportive and has sufficient bounce. This means that, rather than sinking into the mattress as you lay on it, your body will rest on the surface.

While most sleepers will be happy with this mattress regardless of which side they’re sleeping on, side sleepers often report more tension in their hips and shoulders when using this product. For this reason, career side sleepers may prefer a different product.

Motion Transfer and Sinkage

If you’re planning to share your bed with a partner, you’ll be interested to know what the Zenhaven will feel like when they change positions or climb out of bed. While latex mattresses tend to perform better in a motion transfer test than a traditional innerspring mattress, you’ll still notice a little disturbance when your partner moves around.

The Zenhaven’s Luxury Plush side reduces motion a little better than the Gentle Firm side, due to the wool layer’s added cushioning. Both sides have good bounce and are able to absorb sudden movements, minimizing disruption and allowing you to sleep undisturbed.

Sinkage is largely dependent on weight and varies a bit from one side to the other. On average, the Luxury Plush side exhibits more sinkage than the Gentle Firm side, meaning back sleepers might feel “trapped” in the bed at times.

Sinkage can be reduced by placing the Zenhaven on a solid platform foundation. Slats should be avoided as they create gaps and increase sinkage.

Eco-Friendliness Factor

Since the Zenhaven mattress is constructed from 100 percent organic wool, cotton, and latex, it produces no harmful off-gassing or toxins and is completely biodegradable. Although you may notice a “new mattress” smell when the Zenhaven first arrives, this usually dissipates after a few days.

Additionally, if you choose to return the mattress after purchase, Saatva will donate it to a charity in need, meaning it’s less likely to end up in a landfill.

Warranty and Trial Period

Saatva stands by the Zenhaven with a 20-year warranty. They offer a 120-night in-home trial, during which you can flip the mattress, so you’re able to try both sides. At the end of the trial period, if you decide you don’t care for the Zenhaven, you can return it for a full refund.

Is It Right For You?

The Zenhaven mattress is a high-quality product with a lot of great features. Its softness and supportive nature relieves pressure points and spreads out your weight, helping to reduce pain and discomfort from arthritis or injuries. The breathable construction ensures a comfortable night’s sleep and you can rest easy knowing you’re sleeping on an eco-friendly 100 percent natural bed.

Yet, for all the pros there are still a few cons to consider. Since the Zenhaven is made from latex it’s not quite as soft or contouring as other foam mattresses and it is a bit on the expensive side. Its medium level of firmness aligns your spine and reduces tension in your back, hips, and shoulders – but it may be too firm for some side sleepers.

Best Organic Hybrid Mattress for Hip Pain: Avocado Green Mattress

Avocado Green Mattress

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Why We Like It:

  • Constructed from all-natural, non-toxic materials
  • Affordable compared to other organic mattresses
  • “Comfort Zoning” system for pressure point support
  • Sturdy enough for heavier-than-average consumers
  • Coils provide bounce, while latex reduces motion transfer
  • 100-night sleep trial period

If you’re looking for an affordable eco-friendly mattress and love the support of a traditional innerspring mattress, then the cushioning support of the Avocado hybrid mattress could be just what you’re looking for.

You Might Want to Choose the Avocado Green Mattress if:

  • You’re looking for a green, affordable, yet still-luxurious mattress: The Avocado hybrid mattress is made from natural materials harvested in a sustainable way and is a good choice for consumers with chemical sensitivities. Additionally, the Avocado is less expensive than you might expect.
  • You want a firm mattress: Firmer mattresses help to reduce pain by supporting the sleeper and preventing sinkage. The Avocado’s hybrid design features the support of an innerspring bed, combined with the pressure relief of latex.
  • You’re heavier than average: Sleepers who carry a little extra weight can have problems with mattress sinkage, leading to tension in the hips and back. The Avocado’s thickness and weight make it sturdy enough for heavier bodies and the zoned coil system helps maintain proper spinal alignment.
  • You like strong edge support: The Avocado’s coils provide more edge to edge support than a foam mattress without the noise. The perimeter coils are specially reinforced, making the mattress both sturdy and comfortable.

Construction and Materials

If you’re serious about finding an affordable, eco-friendly mattress, the Avocado Green mattress may be right for you. Constructed from a three-layer blend of Dunlop latex and innerspring coils, the Avocado combines good bounce and motion control with a familiar innerspring feel.

Just inside the organic cotton cover, we find a layer of Joma wool from New Zealand, which wicks away moisture and controls heat transfer. Under the wool is a 2-inch layer of aerated Dunlop latex.

The second layer is formed from pocketed 8-inch coils, specially arranged to relieve pressure in the shoulder, lumbar, and pelvic areas. The cool thing about these springs is that they’re upcycled – meaning the metal has been taken from elsewhere and given a second life.

The Avocado’s base layer is a higher-density Dunlop foam, which makes it slightly firmer and more supportive. These layers are then stitched together top to bottom using button-tufted wool yarn, rather than adhesive. This makes the Avocado more durable as it ages and avoids the use of potentially harmful chemicals.


The Avocado Green mattress comes in two thicknesses: 11-inch Standard and 13-inch Pillow-Top. The addition of the optional pillow-top creates a plush surface, while the Standard mattress is a bit firmer. Both versions will give a bit when pressure is applied, but show good bounce and response, due to the combination of innerspring coils and latex.

Because the coils are zoned, they’re stronger in the center of the mattress and around the edges. This allows the Avocado to be somewhat firmer in the center for greater back support, while providing more softness to the hips and shoulders.

The Avocado’s latex top layer is soft and conforms to the body, but even with the additional pillow-top, it’s not the same degree as memory foam. This means the mattress doesn’t “hug” and is, therefore, cooler and easier for sleepers to move around on.

Motion Transfer and Sinkage

In motion transfer tests, the Avocado Pillow-Top version performed slightly better than the Standard, due to the thick layers of latex and pocketed coils. Even with the add-on, however, the Avocado’s hybrid coil design means you’ll likely feel your partner moving around – although this shouldn’t be a problem unless you’re a very light sleeper.

The Avocado mattress also has great bounce and therefore sinkage is minimal. The internal coil system provides great support for your hips and spine and the latex cushions without trapping heat. You won’t get the deep body-contouring feel that’s common with memory foam.

The combination of coils and latex foam makes the Avocado uniquely suited to the needs of sciatica and back pain sufferers since it both supports and relieves pressure. Heavier consumers will also likely appreciate the Avocado’s firmness, as will back and side-sleepers. Stomach sleepers can also find support with the Avocado, but may like the Pillow-Top better than the Standard.

Eco-Friendliness Factor

When it comes to mattresses, nobody else compares to the Avocado mattress. Each mattress is handmade to order, using ethical and sustainable business practices and the mattress’s GREENGUARD Gold Certification ensures that the product meets some of the most rigorous standards for indoor air quality.

If you don’t love the Avocado mattress, you can return it, after which it will be donated to charity. Avocado supports numerous charitable organizations through their Giving Initiative, including the Bee Girl Organization, the Arbor Day Foundation, and the Social Plastic Foundation.

Warranty and Trial Period

The Avocado Green mattress comes with a 25-year limited warranty for the Standard mattress and a separate 10-year warranty for the optional topper. What this means is that the mattress is protected against manufacturer defects for a full 25 years – however, Avocado has only been in business since 2015, so whether the mattress actually lasts that long remains to be seen.

Even so, Avocado stands by their product and offers a 100-day sleep trial period. They do request that you keep the mattress for at least a month before requesting a return, but, as long as the mattress is in good shape, they’ll take it back free of charge and give you a full refund.

Is It Right For You?

Even though Avocado is a fairly young company, they’ve produced a quality product with a lot of potential. This, coupled with their sustainable practices, good service, and commitment to giving back has earned them a well-deserved following.

Fans of the Avocado mattress claim that it reduces their back and hip discomfort quickly and provides comfort and support for a reasonable price. The Avocado Green mattress is also temperature-neutral, easy to set up, and works with a variety of bases and frames.

Best Gel-Infused Foam Mattress for Hip Pain: PangeaBed Copper Mattress

PangeaBed Copper Mattress

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Why We Like It:

  • Made from a combination of natural latex and PangeaBed Cool Gel foam
  • Polyurethane core offers additional support
  • Copper filaments inhibit bacterial growth, disperse heat, and promote blood flow
  • Hypoallergenic materials
  • Good for combination sleepers
  • Good motion transfer reduction – made for active sleepers

For active sleepers or those with chronic pain, the PangeaBed Copper mattress offers soothing cool comfort plus innovative antimicrobial properties that keep this mattress fresh and sanitary.

You Might Want To Choose the PangeaBed Copper Mattress if:

  • You’re looking for a bed with a balance between support and contouring: The PangeaBed Support Foam offers superior support compared to other foam mattresses, while also contouring to the sleeper’s body.
  • You suffer from sciatic pain, lower back problems, or arthritis: PangeaBed’s copper infusion technology soothes sore bodies and promotes good circulation. This leads to a more restful night and improved quality of life.
  • You’re health-conscious and would prefer a naturally sanitary mattress: The human body naturally produces gallons of sweat and sheds bacteria, fungus, and dead skin while you sleep. PangeaBed’s copper filaments fight this by inhibiting bacterial growth.
  • You change positions a lot while you sleep: The PangeaBed’s mix of cushioning and support accommodates all sleeping positions. The firm contouring foam also provides bounce, while minimizing motion transfer.

Construction and Materials

Copper infusion technology has been a hot topic for years. According to scientists, copper ions have the ability to reduce pain, promote healing, and support the immune system. It was from this theory that the PangeaBed Copper mattress was born.

The PangeaBed Copper mattress brings together some of the most innovative materials in the mattress industry, including copper-infused, 100 percent Talalay latex and gel foam for heat dispersion. The soft foam cover is durable and breathable, while the high-density base provides support.

A peek inside the PangeaBed Copper reveals four separate layers of differing density and firmness. Under the foam cover, we find 1.5 inches of natural Talalay latex, impregnated with copper filaments. In addition to its antimicrobial properties, the copper also disperses heat, keeping the mattress cool to the touch.

The third layer is composed of 1.5 inches of supportive PangeaBed Cool Gel foam, which reduces pressure points in addition to its temperature control properties. Under this is a 7-inch layer of firm supportive PangeaBed Foam.


The PangeaBed Copper was designed with healing in mind. Although suitable for a wide range of body types and sleep positions, the PangeaBed Copper mattress best suits active, health-conscious consumers who change positions frequently as they sleep.

If you prefer sleeping exclusively on your back or side, you might find the PangeaBed too firm, which could aggravate existing back, hip, or shoulder problems. However, PangeaBed also offers an optional cotton and latex-core topper, which provides an additional 2 inches of plush softness.

Motion Transfer and Sinkage

Like many good foam mattresses, the PangeaBed Copper scores well on motion transfer tests. It absorbs motion and limits disturbance caused by a partner turning over or getting out of bed.

The PangeaBed Copper mattress responds well to pressure and doesn’t bottom out like some foam mattresses. The edges are weak and tend to compress when sat on, however, the underlying gel foam provides good support, even for heavier body weights.

Eco-Friendliness Factor

The PangeaBed Copper arrives in a box with a handy box cutter included. While there is some off-gassing when the mattress is first unboxed, the smell is mild and fades quickly.

PangeaBed Copper’s natural materials combined with antibacterial copper ions helps fight the growth of germs and fungus, which also keeps the mattress smelling fresh longer.

Warranty and Trial Period

The PangeaBed Copper mattress comes with a 10-year warranty and a 100-night in home sleep trial. There is no mandatory break-in period, however, PangeaBed recommends you sleep on the mattress for at least a month before returning it.

Note: Residents of Alaska and Hawaii are not eligible for sleep trials, due to shipping concerns.

Is It Right For You?

Overall, the PangeaBed Copper mattress can be a great choice if you’re looking for a sturdy, breathable natural mattress with good motion transfer reduction. PangeaBed Copper provides firmness and pressure relief and the infused copper ions are believed to be good for pain relief.

The one drawback to the PangeaBed Copper is that it’s not particularly soft on its own, so, if you want more cushioning, you’ll have to either purchase the separate topper or consider another mattress.

Best Cooling Mattress for Hip Pain: Muse Mattress

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Why We Like It:

  • Made with gel-infused, body-contouring memory foam
  • Three firmness options – choose the one that’s best for you
  • Cooling fabric cover resists heat transfer
  • Classic memory foam feel provides good pressure relief
  • Accommodates multiple sleeping positions
  • 120-night sleep trial period

The Muse mattress is a soft but supportive memory foam mattress, available in three levels of firmness to meet your specific needs. Its innovative Cool Wire technology keeps the Muse cool to the touch, making it a great choice for hot sleepers.

You Might Want to Choose the Muse Mattress if:

  • You sleep hot and want a mattress that stays cool: Gel-infused foam layers and a temperature-regulating cover keep the Muse mattress cool to the touch. The mattress is also able to adjust to the sleeper’s temperature, so they stay comfortable all night.
  • You need a supportive memory foam bed that cradles your body: The Muse is made of dense layers of foam that won’t bottom out. This mattress does a good job of reducing pressure on the hips, especially for side sleepers.
  • You’re heavier than average: The Muse’s thick, layered construction and polyfoam base offer good support for all body types.
  • You want a high-quality mattress that won’t break the bank: The Muse mattress is priced considerably less than comparable memory foam mattresses. This mattress is also produced with no harsh chemicals or fillers, giving you even greater value for your money.

Construction and Materials

If you enjoy the look and feel of memory foam but not the stickiness or excessive heat that comes with it, you need to take a look at the Muse mattress.

The Muse stands out in the world of memory foam beds in part because of its unique “Cold Wire” technology. According to Muse, it works by absorbing and dispersing body heat, so sleepers stay comfortable all night.

The Muse is constructed in three layers. The first is a 2-inch thick layer of gel-infused memory foam, that cradles and cools the sleeper’s body. Underneath is a layer of 4lb density foam that comes in three firmness levels and, finally, the Muse has a sturdy foundation layer composed of 8 inches of dense foam.

The Muse’s layers combine to give this mattress a comfortable body contouring feel, typical of foam mattresses. This is a substantial mattress that hugs the body as you lay on it.


The Muse mattress has three firmness options plus a sleep personality quiz, to help you choose the right model for your needs. All three versions provide the pressure relief necessary to reduce pain, so your choice mostly comes down to sleep position.

The soft version has a plush, cloud-like feel and is recommended for side sleepers because it minimizes tension in the hips and shoulders. The firmest version is recommended for stomach and back sleepers, to prevent the pelvic region from sinking too deep into the mattress, while the medium option is good for combination sleepers and those with heavier bodies.

Motion Transfer and Sinkage

Memory foam beds tend to score high on motion transfer tests because they absorb movement. The Muse is no different and this is especially beneficial for light sleepers, or those whose partner tosses and turns all night.

Sinkage usually depends on the interaction between the sleeper’s weight and the mattresses’ firmness. Edge support is great for the Muse and, although the mattress hugs your body, the dense foam layers prevent you from feeling trapped.

Eco-Friendliness Factor

The Muse is CertiPUR-US Certified, which means that it is manufactured without the use of harsh or dangerous chemicals, heavy metals, or ozone depleters. The Muse’s use of non-toxic materials is especially important for consumers with allergies or chemical sensitivities and stomach sleepers who’ll have their face pressed against the mattress, all night.

Warranty and Trial Period

The Muse offers an exceptional 120-night sleep trial period, giving you four months to try it out. The mattress is covered by a 10-year limited warranty, however, to date this warranty only applies within the continental United States.

Is It Right For You?

Muse is a relative newcomer in the memory foam industry, but they’re already making waves. The makers of the Muse mattress understand that people have different preferences and they’ve developed a mattress that reflects that.

Regardless of your preferred comfort level, the Muse offers cooling comfort, pressure relief, and support for aching joints – all at a price that won’t make your wallet cry.

Best Memory Foam Mattress for Hip Pain: Layla Sleep Copper-Infused Mattress

layla sleep mattress

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Why We Like It:

  • 2-in-1 flippable design – soft for comfort, firm for support
  • Infused with copper for a cooler and cleaner sleep
  • Built-in support for back, hips, and shoulders
  • Made with safe, non-toxic memory foam
  • Good value
  • Lifetime warranty

For a bed that combines the soft comfort of memory foam with the anti-inflammatory benefits of copper, look no further than the Layla Sleep Copper-Infused Memory Foam mattress. The Layla features a flippable design with two firmness options, plus an innovative copper filament cooling system.

You Might Want to Choose the Layla Sleep Copper Mattress if:

  • You sleep hot and need a mattress with cooling technology: Apart from Layla’s Thermogel cover and convoluted foam layering, this mattress also features copper infusion technology that helps with temperature regulation.
  • You need relief from nighttime aches and pains: The Layla Sleep Copper mattress has two sides, one soft and the other a bit firmer, allowing you to choose how much support you want. Additionally, copper filaments in the foam encourage blood flow, which is believed to help minimize arthritis and sciatic pain.
  • You want a non-toxic alternative to traditional memory foam beds: Although the cover is polyester, Layla is made without heavy metals, formaldehyde, or ozone depleters. This minimizes potential off-gassing or allergic reactions.
  • You want a quality bed at a good price: With a long sleep trial period and a lifetime warranty, Layla provides good value for your money compared to similar mattresses.

Construction and Materials

The Layla Copper-Infused memory foam mattress is one of the most highly reviewed mattresses for pain relief. This is due to Layla’s combination of softness, support, and cooling technology.

Layla is constructed with an egg-carton shaped foam layer that encourages airflow on top of a 4.5-inch layer of high-density support foam. The Layla mattress is also flippable, meaning when you purchase it you essentially get two beds for one price. The softer side gives you a 3-inch cushion of foam and is best for side and combination sleepers.

With only 1-inch of foam on the firmer side, the Layla provides the support and pressure relief required by back and stomach sleepers.


Layla’s softer side compresses more easily under pressure than the firm side, due to the extra padding and, as you sink into the mattress, you can feel the supportive core underneath you. If you don’t want to be hugged by your mattress this could be a problem, but if you suffer from nighttime back or hip pain, this softness can help by keeping your body properly aligned.

Motion Transfer and Sinkage

One drawback to the Layla is that, like most foam mattresses, it’s somewhat prone to sinkage under too much weight. So, while Layla can support heavier bodies, it’s not necessarily designed to do so.

If you’ll be sharing your mattress, it’s important to take a look at the product’s edge strength and motion transfer results. Layla performs well in both categories, meaning you won’t fall off or be disturbed by your partner’s movements.

Eco-Friendliness Factor

Since Layla is made from artificial materials it’s probably not easily recyclable. However, this mattress is CertiPUR-US certified and therefore produced without harsh chemicals or other irritants. Off-gassing should be minimal after the “new mattress” smell wears off.

Warranty and Trial Period

Layla is a quality product with a lifetime warranty to match, and the above-average, 120-night in-home trial gives you plenty of time to break in your new mattress and make sure it’s the right choice for you.

Is It Right For You?

Overall, Layla is good value for your money. The mattress’s body-hugging memory foam provides pressure relieving support and comfort and encourages proper spinal alignment in all positions.

Finally, while the Layla’s copper infusion technology claims to inhibit bacteria and promote good health, there’s some disagreement over whether or not it actually works – you’ll have to try it to see for yourself.

The Verdict

Let’s sum up. When considering a new mattress, sleepers experiencing chronic hip pain should consider the following:

  • Support – This refers to the mattress’s ability to maintain a level sleep surface, which is crucial for proper body alignment.
  • Body Conformation – Mattresses that cradle the body closely help to better align the spine and reduce uncomfortable pressure points.
  • Firmness – Softer mattresses are a better choice for back and side sleepers and consumers with small body frames, while stomach sleepers and heavier individuals might prefer a firmer mattress.
  • Durability – The lifespan of a mattress is important because you don’t want to invest in a product only to have it wear out in just a few years.
  • Type – Certain types of mattresses, such as foam, latex, and hybrids, are better designed for pain and pressure relief compared to other mattress types.

With these factors in mind, we compared five different mattresses to see how they stack up:

  • The Zenhaven tops the list as one of the most comfortable, luxurious, and affordable mattresses available. Suitable for a wide variety of sleeping positions and made from all-natural materials, the Zenhaven is backed by a 20-year warranty and offers a 120-night in-home trial. The only drawback is its latex construction, which might bother sleepers with sensitivity to this material. It’s also non-vegan, due to the use of wool in its construction.
  • The Avocado Green mattress has many of the same features as the Zenhaven, while also featuring a hybrid design of coils and latex. This gives the Avocado good structure and firmness, ideal for reducing nighttime discomfort. The Avocado Green mattress is recyclable and GreenGuard certified, making it a good choice for eco-conscious consumers.
  • The PangeaBed Copper mattress is a luxurious product, specifically designed for health-conscious consumers. Its copper ion infusion is purported to reduce pain and inflammation, while also drawing excess heat away from the body.
  • The Muse and Layla Sleep mattresses are both vegan, non-toxic, and constructed from comfortable supportive memory foam. Both have multiple firmness options and accommodate a variety of body weights and sleep positions. The Layla, however, has an advantage over the Muse with its inclusion of copper technology which – like the PangeaBed Copper – creates a cooling effect while also reducing pain and bacterial growth.

Bottom Line:

Choosing a mattress is a pretty personal decision that shouldn’t be undertaken lightly. When you’re dealing with nighttime hip pain or other discomfort this decision becomes even more crucial.

After reading through these reviews, you should have a better idea of what features are most important to you when choosing a mattress and you’ll be better equipped to make the right choice for you.

Sweet dreams!

Choosing the Right Mattress for Your Needs

In life, there are no one-size-fits-all solutions and finding a mattress is no different. If you’re suffering from painful hips – whether from an injury, an active lifestyle, or just advancing years – you need a mattress that both cradles your body and offers enough support to keep your spine in alignment.

The best mattresses for pain relief are those that provide a good balance between softness and firmness, with minimal sinkage and no uncomfortable pressure points. For the consumer, this means that the best mattress options are often those made from latex or memory foam. These materials provide cushioned comfort while avoiding the uncomfortable pressure associated with traditional coils.

Your preferred sleeping position should also be taken into account. Side and back sleepers might want to opt for a softer mattress to avoid straining the hips and shoulders, while stomach sleepers often need the additional back support a firmer mattress provides.

Regardless of firmness or construction, the most important consideration when choosing a mattress should be safety. This means taking edge support into account, so you don’t roll off, as well as the potential for toxic off-gassing that can affect the quality of your sleep.

The mattress options discussed below are all made from natural and non-toxic materials, accommodate multiple sleeping positions, and are highly recommended for those with hip pain and pressure relief. Read on to learn more.

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