Our top pick for the best bed frame is the Zinus Sonoma Metal & Wood Platform bed because it’s stylish, sturdy, and affordable. The best runner-up choice is the Three Posts Woodside Upholstered Panel Bed, which has a luxurious look and easy assembly.

The bed frame you choose can pull your room together, provided you make the right choice. A good fit will complete the décor in your room, while the wrong fit might take up too much space or clash with your existing design.

While mattresses are usually chosen based on comfort, a bed frame is typically selected based on style. However, they provide more than just decoration. Your bed frame can determine how easy (or difficult) it is to get out of bed, provide extra storage for your room, or even extend the life of your mattress.

Bed frame shopping might seem pretty straightforward, but you might be surprised to see how many options there are available online. Below, we’ll make this process easier and guide you through the best bed frames available on the market.

#1 Best Upholstered Option- The Three Posts Woodside Upholstered Panel Bed

Sefton Upholstered Panel Bed

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If you’re a fan of the upholstered bed look often found in bed and breakfast hotels, you might like the Three Posts Woodside Upholstered Panel Bed, made with 100 percent linen. It has a luxurious design to it and can be used with an adjustable base or just an ordinary box spring.

This upholstered bed frame will add some comfortable style to your room. It has a neutral color that will match with most classic or modern designs and just about any color theme.

Note that this bed frame requires assembly, but it shouldn’t take longer than half an hour, according to users, and comes with the tools needed. The legs on this bed are removable and replaceable and slats are included in your purchase.

#2 Best for Extra Storage- The Zinus Steel Elite Smartbase

Zinus Steel Elite Smartbase

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Space can be a major concern, especially when you’re renting a small apartment in a big city, and smart furniture shopping can help with this issue. If you’re looking for some extra storage under your bed, the Zinus Steel Elite Smartbase could work well for you.

This base has steel frames, works best for people of average weight, and can be assembled in minutes without any extra tools. The 13 inches of space under the frame means you can fit boxes or bins underneath, without a problem. The Zinus Steel Elite base has plastic caps on the feet to protect your floors.

This bed base works well with any type of mattress, including latex, spring, or memory foam and has multiple contact points with the floor to prevent sagging and extend the life of your mattress.

Your mattress can be placed on the base directly without the need for a box spring. If you want to want to connect a headboard, you’ll need to use special SmartBase brackets, so keep that in mind. With your purchase, you’ll get a 5-year warranty.

#3 Best for Small Spaces- The Murray Platform Bed

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If you want a compact bed frame that will work with limited space, the Murray Platform Bed is a no-nonsense option with a clean, contemporary look. It doesn’t have a headboard, so it’s more of a bare-bones design rather than a bed frame you’d choose as the main centerpiece for your bedroom.

The Murray Platform Bed has a center rail, cross slats, and side rails, to add support, and doesn’t require a box spring. It provides good support for your mattress and uses solid hardwood with either a black or mahogany finish, depending on your preference. Since it has such a simple design, it blends in well with any room style and the wood finish gives it a warm look.

The frame height on the Murray Platform Bed is 11 inches, so you may want to use it with a thicker mattress if you’d rather not have the frame and mattress the same height. Assembly is quick and easy, so you won’t have to struggle through complicated instructions.

This bed frame is low to the ground, so people with arthritis or knee issues may want to opt for a higher design to minimize painful bending. If you have a room with low windows or just want to be closer to the ground when you sleep, the Murray Platform Bed should work well for you.

#4 Best Zinus Sonoma Metal & Wood Platform Bed

Last update on 2024-04-14 at 10:26  - More InfoProduct prices and availability are accurate as of the date/time indicated and are subject to change. Any price and availability information displayed on Amazon.com at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product." / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

If you’re seeking a bed frame that will look good with modern décor, the Zinus Sonoma Metal & Wood Platform Bed could be a good choice. It has a natural-looking, light wood finish and a dark steel frame with sturdy construction. While some wood slats on other bed frames have an issue with making a lot of noise, the ones on the Zinus Sonoma Platform Bed are quiet.

This bed frame ships in a single carton and snaps together but users report that the instructions are a bit challenging. You may want to invite a friend to help you put this together if you live alone. This doesn’t have to be used with a box spring and will give your hybrid, latex, or foam mattress a good foundation to rest on.

#5 Best Basic Bed Frame- The Casper Mattress Foundation

Casper Mattress Foundation

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Built with solid wood, the Casper Mattress Foundation is a sturdy, durable bed frame that should last you for years to come. It has a very simple design with no headboard and won’t clash with your existing bedroom setup. The slats are well-positioned for even weight distribution, which helps to prevent mattress sagging and support your body.

The Casper Mattress Foundation can be quickly assembled and disassembled and doesn’t require any tools. You can use it with the Casper Mattress or basically any other mattress, as long as it’s size-compatible.

The frame and foundation combination will come to your door in a box for your convenience. Casper claims to have rigorously tested their bed frame for durability and users report that you can feel this when you use it.

#6 Best Luxury Option- The DHP Dakota Upholstered Bed

DHP Dakota Upholstered Bed

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People who need a new bed frame and also appreciate rustic décor will likely be a fan of the DHP Dakota Upholstered Bed. This faux-leather bed frame has a contemporary look with diamond button detailing and padding for comfort. It uses durable wooden slats to support your mattress and doesn’t need to be used with a box spring.

The material on the DHP Dakota Upholstered Bed is easy to wipe down with a damp sponge or cloth and the metal side rails add stability for the sleeper. The bed frame has a 500-pound weight limit and allows you to choose between a Twin, Full, Queen, or King size.

Although we chose this as the best luxury bed frame, it still has an affordable price, especially for how fancy it looks. Even if the rest of your bedroom has a plain design, this could instantly make the space look classier and more put-together.

#7 Best Customizable Option- The Nectar Foundation

Nectar Foundation

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Another simple, no-nonsense bed frame, the Nectar Foundation is easy to put together without tools, easy to take apart, and simple to move. It comes with a clip and lock frame that enables you to assemble it in just minutes.

We chose it as the best customizable option because it has optional legs for additional support. The Nectar Foundation has well-positioned slats that will evenly distribute your body weight and help you wake up feeling rested. The materials used in the bed frame are naturally-sourced spruce and solid pine.

The Nectar Foundation comes with a Forever Warranty that lasts for as long as you own the frame and a 100-night sleep trial. It also comes with free shipping and returns.

#8 Best Quiet Bed Frame- The Loom & Leaf Foundation

Loom & Leaf Foundation

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Some bed frames make a lot of noise, which can interrupt your sleep any time your partner moves around or gets out of bed in the night. The Loom & Leaf Foundation is made with foam in its construction to help combat this, along with organic cotton ticking and North American spruce wood, one of the strongest woods available.

Held together by multiple screws, this bed frame is well-constructed and has a durable feel to it. As a bonus, it comes already assembled, so you don’t have to bother putting it together. You also get the peace of mind that your foundation is assembled correctly and ready to sleep on.

The Loom & Leaf Foundation comes in two height options, a standard 8.75-inch foundation and a 4.75-inch low-profile foundation, so you can find the height right for you, depending on your preference and style.

#9 Best Natural Wood Option- The Nomad 2 Platform Bed

Nomad 2 Platform Bed

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If you like the look of natural wood and a simple, clean design, the Nomad 2 Platform Bed may be right up your alley. This minimalist-inspired Swedish design has a weight capacity of 600 pounds, so it should work even if you or your spouse are carrying some extra weight. The slats on the Nomad 2 are evenly spaced for quality weight distribution.

The bed frame is made from Tulip Poplar and arrives chemical-free and unfinished. You may choose to keep the bed unfinished as many customers do, but some buyers may choose to stain or paint their foundation. If you choose to stain or paint it, you can use the included instructions to help you along the way.

Since the Nomad 2 Platform bed is 15 inches high, you’ll have room to store boxes of clothes or other items underneath it, if you need to. Note that this will work with a mattress of any height, but if you use a thicker bed, you’ll be less likely to feel the slats underneath.

What to Consider Before You Buy a Bed Frame

Once you’ve decided on the perfect mattress for you, your job is only half done. Choosing the best bed frame for your mattress may take as much planning as selecting your mattress and comes with its own unique considerations. Here are some things to keep in mind before you buy:

Look: Do you want a headboard on your bed frame or a simpler design that won’t draw as much attention? Will wood, upholstery, or metal fit better with your existing décor? These are questions that are worth considering when you’re shopping for a new bed frame.

Size: Bed frames come in different shapes and sizes and you’ll need to match yours to your existing mattress. Choosing a frame for a Twin, Full, Queen, or King will be fairly self-explanatory, but what if you’re working with an unusual size? This will require you to take some measurements before making your purchase.

Height: There was a time when bed frames always required a box spring, but there are many options available nowadays that don’t. Whether you choose to use a box spring or not, think about how high you want your bed to be. Chronic pain conditions could impact how high or low your bed should sit, as well as temperature preferences since beds closer to the floor are cooler.

Cleaning: Depending on the material you select for your new bed frame, there will be a unique cleaning protocol that works best for it. A metal bed frame should easily wipe down with a damp sponge, whereas upholstery may require some kind of spray cleaner, and wood might require polishing every so often.

Headboard: If you choose a bed frame that doesn’t come with a headboard, but think you may end up wanting one at some point, make sure your bed frame has universal mounting slots. Most bed frames available nowadays do have options for adding a headboard attachment, so this shouldn’t be a problem.

If you take all of the above factors into consideration before making your final selection, you should end up with the right bed frame for you and a beautiful bedroom setup.

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